You Think You’re So Smart—Think Again

Momservation: If you think you’re so smart, call me when that Geometry teaches you how to keep a check book balanced.

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Don’t you hate it?

Don’t you hate it when your high schoolers think they are smarter than you? The snicker you get when you ask if they need any help with their homework. The scoff thrown at you when you tell them you used to be pretty good at math. The eye-roll and I-told-you-so head shake when you glance at what their working on and back away saying, “Okay, well, looks like you got this.”

First it was computer literacy, then social media and app aptitude, now it’s chemistry, AP history and French 3—those smug teenagers think they keep collecting things that make them the superior intelligent being in the home relegating the adults to being the house idiot in conjunction with lame, embarrassing, and SO not getting it.happy_math_student

Well, let me tell you something Mr. and Miss Honors English and Chemistry Club: Just because I may not be able to apply a Rational Zeros Theorem, or remember squat about the French Revolution, or could not tell you on a good day that C2H3NaO2  is the chemical symbol for sodium acetate (I just cheated and looked at your chemistry quiz notes for that) it doesn’t mean my knowledge is irrelevant.

In fact, I’ll see your French verb conjugations (useless in California) and match it with my semi-fluent Spanish (a better bet since Latinos are now the majority of your home state), and raise you trying to get downtown to Golden 1 Center, the future home of the Sacramento Kings, without your phone GPS.

That’s right, Mr. and Miss Smarty Pants Dance, you lose because you’re lost because you still aren’t familiar with streets and roads in your own town and you’ve never learned how to read a map. (Will this generation be able to get anywhere without a calm, female voice instructing them: “When it is safe to do so, make a legal U-Turn.”?)

Been there done that tshirtCan you pick up the phone and in two minutes have the former Chief of Staff to the First Lady of California do you a favor? I can.

Can you produce, promote, and execute a professional football tailgate event, quarterly events and half-time show? I can and did.

Can you write a proposal to convince a Fortune 500 company to choose your business or write a 70,000 word manuscript? No? Cause, funny, I did.

I may not have the book smarts I once did, but I have the life smarts. I have experience. I have connections. I have trial and error, live and learn, been there, done that, got the T-shirt know-how. Instead of keeping my world small and limited by being consumed by what is going on in my smart phone, overly obsessed with latest posts, tweets, pics and viral videos, I’m literate in real world, real relationships, and real, important knowledge.

And oh yeah, I don’t see your college degree or post-graduate credential next to mine.

So, go ahead and take your Rational Roots Theorem and your memorized periodic table and keep on moving up the road there playa. You may think I’m fallin’ behind ya, but I’m way, way ahead.

And for people who are so smart, you’d think you’d have figured out by now how to keep a room clean.


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