You Can Put a Price on Annoying

Momservation: Many a dollar will be wasted in the name of “cute.”

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I have a bit of a holiday decorating problem. Specifically, Christmas. And by “bit” I mean Hubby had to build an extra room the size of a mother-in-law quarters in his shed to house all my decorations.

(To get the true sense of where it all went out of control, click here and continue to page 40, to read ‘Tis the Season to Overdecorate, my monthly Momservations® column.)

I cannot resist a Christmas decoration. Especially if it’s cute. I used to think I was buying them for my kids’ delight, but at 10 and 12 they have ceased being delighted by anything less than an iPad, so it’s just become a weak excuse now.

Hubby has started to insist that for every new holiday decoration I buy, at least two older ones have to go. He refuses to have any of my junk touch his junk. At least in the shed, anyway.

Each of my decorations seems to have special meaning, significance, or an attachment I just can’t seem to relinquish though. Or I hate to admit I was wrong in wasting the money on it and can’t let it go until it’s been around an amount of time I feel is equal to its dollar value.

Except one.

This one:

This is not as cute as it looks

It is a light activated snowman that talks to you every time you open the refrigerator door.

I thought it would be hysterical.

It’s not.

In fact, you do not realize how much you open and close a refrigerator door until you have something this annoying in there yapping at you to hurry up and close the door.

There are only so many times you can open a refrigerator door and hear, “Is it cool in here or is it just me?” before you want to decapitate a snowman and remove its battery bowels.

Why did I buy it? Honestly? Because the inside of my refrigerator is about the only place inside or outside of the house left undecorated. I bought it two years ago. It lasted a week before everyone was begging me to put it and them out of their misery. It never made it out of the box marked KITCHEN DECORATIONS last year and no one missed its “Shut the Door” song to the tune of “Up on the Housetop.”

This year? I’m thinking wrapping it up as a White Elephant gift seems an excellent way to recoup the $24.95 I spent on it.

Now my Hoops and Yoyo Naughty or Nice button? Best $7.99 I ever spent. Cracks me and the kids up with every push of the button for the last three years…


  1. K.Nelson says:

    You could have gotten Jolly in the John… Only a couple of them left!:-)… To make you feel better, I am sure you got it at the promo price:-)… Btw.., I agree pass it on!

    • kellimwheeler says:

      Notice I did not attach the H-word anywhere on it, Karen. 😉 So does Jolly in the John ask if you wiped every time you flush? 🙂

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