YOU ARE UNIMAGINABLE – For my Daughter on her 15th Birthday

Momservation: Daughters hold our hands for a little while, but hold our hearts forever.

☺        ☺        ☺

Fifteen years ago when I dreamed

What would make my family complete

Visions of you danced in my heart

I couldn’t wait for us to meet


A mommy needs a baby girl

I thank God that He agreed

He sent down the finest of His angels

Knowing exactly who I’d need


You arrived on this earthly stage

Ready to be its star

There hasn’t been a moment when

You didn’t know just who you are


Never without a smile

A precocious adventurer from the start

Always proceeding fearlessly

With plenty of room in your heart

Whit slide

Just like your daddy you make us laugh

Just like your mom a stubborn mule

Too smart for your own good

A rare and sparkling jewel

3rd gr talent show Whit

When I dreamed of you I didn’t dream big enough

Nor did I envision who God had in store

Never could I imagine

How my baby girl could be so much more


You are the sugar in my coffee

The song within my heart

You are the cherry on my sundae

The end, the middle, the start


You are the chocolate chips in my pancake

The sand to my beach

You are the light in my darkness

The fruit within my reach


You are the melody in my music

The warm blanket on my bed

You are the twinkle in my Christmas lights

The words never left unsaid495

You are so much more than my carbon copy

More substance than a matching brown-eyed girl

The gifts you have exponential

So proud you have so much more to offer to the world

Sassy Whit by Dad

When I prayed for a little girl of my own

Imagining the gift God might send

He answered my prayers and then some

Because I got a daughter and a friend ♥SpringFlingDance-40_March12-TF3S_pp

                                                KMW   4/6/16

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  1. Grandpa says:

    You came wrapped as the gift of Spring my granddaughter did, though a treasure for all seasons and all time you are.

    The future had arrived the day of your birth – not mine or your mom’s – the good fortune had been passed to the world.

    All who’ve known you speak the same: A new and better history will be written during this girl’s miraculous life. – Grandpa

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