Would You Like Cheese With That?

Momservation: If you want to get to know your kids better, throw them in the backseat and drive around for a while.

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My favorite cheeseheads being cheesy

Listening to my kids in the back seat cracks me up. We’ve been doing a lot of driving this summer so there’s been a lot of laughing.

There was this gem from Whitney, age 11:

“British accents are so cool. If I had a British accent I would never stop talking.”

To which Hubby replied, “And we’re all glad you don’t.”

Then there was the time the kids were horsing around and Logan, 12, bumped his elbow.

“Ow! I hit my elbow so hard it’s ringing! Man, it won’t quit ringing! I better answer it. Hello? Elbow? Are you okay?”

On another road trip Whitney mused, “Do you think anyone ever robs a pizza place for the pizzas?”

“They don’t just have pizzas lying around, Cheesehead,” her brother, Logan, retorted.

“Okay, then I’d break in and make pizzas and stay there all night eating them.”

“You are too cheesy,” said Logan, 12, rolling his eyes.

“You’re the cheesiest,” shot back Whitney. “You’re so cheesy, you’re King Cheese.”

And then, henceforth, everything in the backseat conversations was topped with cheese.

“That’s cheesetastic!”

“You’re cheesilicious!”

“What a cheese-whaz!”

“Quit cheesing me!”

“Scoot the cheese over, you’re crowding me!”

“Don’t get your cheese in a wad!”

“I think I gotta cheese.”

“What the cheese was that?!”

“Ew, roll down the window – you cheesed it up in here!”

“Cheese me, you’re on my pillow.”

When we finally got out of the car to stop for pizza, we asked the kids what kind of topping they wanted.

Before I knew what I was saying, I turned from the cashier and called, “You Cheeseheads want cheese pizza?”

“No! Pepperoni!” they called in unison.

“What the cheese? Are you King Cheeses afraid of being cannibals?” I teased.

When I turned back to the cashier, the ohhhh-kaaaay look on her face told me that our backseat humor did not translate.

As we walked away after paying, I whispered to Hubby, “Geez, who cheesed in her Cheerios?”

It might be time to cut back on the road trips.


    • kellimwheeler says:

      You gotta write that stuff down! I have little scraps of paper with all these funny things the kids said (What is the Capitol of California? “C!” said my little one) that I thought I would always remember and I didn’t until I went back and reread them. Priceless as the pictures you take! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the journey.

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