World Cup Summer

Momservation: Any kid that mentions “I’m bored” during summer vacation deserves to be at the north end of a southbound vacuum, broom or mop.

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That's my boy saving a goal with a header!

World Cup soccer has nothing on me.

South Africa thinks they’re putting together a summer of gamesmanship, non-stop action, and unparalleled fun and excitement?

Step aside host nation and watch and learn from the Wheelers of Sacramento where our motto is: You want summer vacation? I’ll give you summer vacation!

And what’s with every four years to put on this summer extravaganza? Every four years is for sissies.

Try every year organizing a frenetic pace of pinning down squealing kids for sunscreen application before releasing them to swimming, biking, hiking, camping, boating, rafting, day camps, night camps, day trips, road trips and anything else I think will make them beg me to let them go to bed.

Chasing a ball around a field for 90 minutes? Try chasing a kid around the pool for 90 days hoping to score a sunscreen reapplication.

Games packed with action? How about a car packed for action? You haven’t seen a true feat of skill until you witness a car stuffed for a four day camping trip like we’re heading off on a world tour. We considered risking the penalty of strapping the kids to the roof-rack but in the end made room for them inside the car.

A tournament featuring soccer? I’ve got one kid in a single week going from a soccer tournament to basketball camp to soccer practice to All-Star baseball practice and tournament games. Didn’t plan it that way, but when your number is called to go in the game you’ve got to be ready to play.

Hosting countries from all over the world? How about every 4th of July weekend hosting 50+ families with kids from all over California and hoping your pool filter and toilet can handle the work load.

Games that begin at 4 a.m.? I’ve been waking my kids at 1 a.m. for years for the annual Perseids meteor shower each summer.

Excuse me now while I go grocery shopping for a multi-family house boating trip. Which reminds me the kids need snacks for soccer camp when we get back. I should also probably nail down which days we’re going to see Toy Story 3 and the California State Fair with our friends. Hmmm, I wonder if I’ll have enough sunscreen left for our Fun Wednesday at Folsom Lake – better buy another gallon. Oooh, I still need to rent a car for our D.C. trip to see my Chief Petty Officer brother retire from the Navy….

I just may be the Brazil of summer match play.


  1. Hillary says:

    Whew! That was exhausting just to read it. Your summers are impressive (and mildly terrifying) to those of us with little one’s. 🙂

  2. kellimwheeler says:

    Actually, it’s mildly terrifying to me as well. It’s kinda like bungee jumping – it’s exciting and exhilerating but there is that chance that something’s gonna snap.

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