Will Work for Candy

The children have headed back to school

After a week of Spring Break fun

Who’s going to clean up this post Easter mess?

Looks like stay-at-home mom is the one.

But if I’m left to put this house

Into the order it was before

I think I should be rewarded

With some holiday candy for my chore.

Dozens of opened plastic eggs

Reunited with their other half?

“That’ll cost two dozen jelly beans!”

I scarf up as I laugh.

Spilled bubbles and chocolate finger prints

Left for Mommy to wipe up?

“Two Cadbury eggs and four Peeps!”

That should be enough.

Green and pink Easter grass

Plastic strands disabling my vacuum?

“Why not a peanut butter chocolate egg?”

Found stashed in someone’s room.

Sweeping up colorful foil wrappers and Nerds

Scattered pebble candy playing hide and seek?

“A half dozen or so speckled malted eggs!”

They won’t notice for a week.

Wet bathing suits and towels

Easter dress and slacks discarded on the floor?

“Seven chocolate crunch bunnies and eggs!”

Plus maybe a few more.

But as I reach for some Tums

Suddenly groaning in distress

“Come Halloween, Lord help me,” I say,

“If they don’t clean up their mess.”


Kelli M. Wheeler


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