Why Would You Do That?

Momservation: A lot of emergency room visits could be avoided if someone stopped for a moment and first thought – just cause I can doesn’t mean I should.

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I’m going to generalize for a moment here.

If you have males in your household then you’ve undoubtedly already asked this question: Why do boys see every bad idea as an Everest they need to climb?

This includes big boys too.

I’ve actually been very fortunate that I have a son, who like his father, has the voice of reason going off pretty loudly in his head.

Most of the time. A temporary override would explain Hubby’s college Pikes on Bikes days when a whole fraternity thought going on a midnight progressive booze pedal was a fantastic idea.

As a general physiological argument, though, I believe there is a constant voice in the male head that grows louder around other males convincing them to think – That would be so cool to see if I can…(fill in the blank with various dumb ideas, i.e…)

 …smash a soda can on my forehead!

…jump off the roof into the pool!

…swallow a goldfish or whatever else someone dares me!

…see if my cup works by having someone punch me as hard they can in the crotch!

…try to pogo stick onto a skateboard!

…invent parkour!

And success or failure it is worth rolling on the ground hysterically laughing, “That was so awesome!!”

So it comes as no surprise to me that I’ve been hearing this phrase shouted a lot lately from my 11 year old daughter to my 12 year old son:

Why would you do that???

And further proving my theory, his buddy, Anthony, is usually over when I hear it.

Because only two boys would think it was a great idea to:

…push a sister fully clothed into an ice cold pool on a cold day.

…practice parkour flips off a two story play house.

…tell a sister you want to show her something then table-top her (someone secretly kneels below the back of the knees of a victim while a person in front of them pushes them backward).

…engineer a ropes course that has greater chance of strangling them than transporting them.

…want to drag a mattress into the den to practice launching your buddy into a back flip.

This last one I actually gave the green light to since Anthony has been taking gymnastics and they actually did realize practicing it in a cramped bedroom next to a sharp edged dresser, bunk bed, and beneath a ceiling fan was probably a bad idea (breakthrough!).

I did, though, make Anthony raise his right hand and pledge: I, Anthony, promise not to break my neck on my birthday and get Kelli in big trouble for sending me home broken.

And after much practice, here is a 12 year old boy answer to, Why would you do that?:

Because, “That was so awesome!!”

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