Who Am I to Say “No” to That?

Momservation: Try to act natural if your children still want to be seen with you.

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Lord, please don't let me see one of these...

As you read this I am currently off in the wilds of the El Dorado National Forest leading an exploration expedition of amateur adventurers and being a spy.

Deciphered message: I got roped into being a chaperone for a 6th grade outdoor education trip to Sly Park and all the other mothers, relieved it’s not them, have recruited me to keep an eye on their kid.

That’s right, no gummy worms in the sleeping bags on my watch.

It turns out the first day of the five day trip with 180 preteens (feel free to nominate me for sainthood), Monday, was my son, Logan’s, 12th birthday.

What did my one-year-away-from-being-a-teenager son want for his birthday? His mom to be a chaperone on the Sly Park field trip. I really wish he wanted an xBox 360 or an iPad – heck, both. Especially after I heard there would be tarantulas up there.

But here’s the thing – nearly every 6th grader I know begged their mother not to mortify them by chaperoning on the field trip. And here was my kid who actually wanted me there. As a gift.

Who am I to say “no” to that?

Certainly not someone who loaded her car with contraband snacks, a few adult beverages, and a case of aerosol banned Raid.

Tune in next week to see how I survived…

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