What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Momservation: Teaching our kids to do the right thing and help others shouldn’t have to come with having a lawyer on retainer.

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It’s day 15 of the government shutdown and luckily this blog is not a federal government employee or a national landmark so we’re still good to go!

And since I make it a point not to talk politics or religion with friends we’re moving on to a different current event and hot topic today (as reported by the Huffington Post):

Erin Cox, Massachusetts Teen, Punished By School After Trying To Drive Home Intoxicated Friend

There are a lot of different angles we can come at this debate of What’s Wrong With This Picture.

If you didn’t cut to the link here’s the summary:

17 year-old Erin, an honor student and volleyball star, is stripped of her captain’s title and suspended for five games by her school under their Zero Tolerance Policy on drugs and alcohol after coming to the aid of an intoxicated friend who called her for a ride home from a party.

Despite Erin’s mom hiring a lawyer to challenge the school’s interpretation of events, the school refuses to back down on their stance.

Hmmm, no compromise. Sounds a lot like congress and our president—how’s that working out for everybody, BTW?

Right, right, no politics. Sorry.

NAHS government shutdown

(Somebody needs to re-evaluate their stance and see the folly in taking such a hard line)

So what’s wrong with this picture?

  • Zero Tolerance Policy strikes again claiming another gray area victim. Zero tolerance for drunk driving: yes. The alternative has deadly repercussions. Zero tolerance for texting/using phone and driving: yes. No phone call or text is worth a life. Zero tolerance for showing up at a party to pick up an intoxicated friend— to steal a line from Keyshawn Johnson: C’mon man! Ignoring the obvious good deed is a bone-headed play.
  • Why is this a school issue? It happened off campus. It was not a school event. It doesn’t have education ramifications. It is a parenting issue. It concerns values and expectations that fall under the umbrella of parenting. As a parent, I get to decide what is zero tolerance concerning my child.
  • What is the big picture message being sent to these high schoolers by the school that claims to be enforcing student athlete code of conduct? Let’s see:
    • If you are intoxicated you better drive home or get in the car with a drunk friend and risk killing yourself and others because if you try to course correct and make a responsible choice you’re in big trouble.
    • If you come to the aid of a friend who is trying to make a mature and responsible decision you will be punished for making the right choice.
    • If all information, facts and credible witnesses (police) absolve you of wrong-doing it doesn’t matter because you are still guilty by association and it’s easier just to throw the book at everybody than meter out just punishment for just cause.
    • Never admit you’re wrong and hide behind blanket policies. (Hold on—are we talking about the government shutdown?)

Obviously, the uproar and push-back from this story is in Erin’s favor. Hopefully North Andover High School will see the big picture and re-evaluate their stance and the folly in taking such a hard line on something that deserves better perspective and a better example being set.

Wait…are we talking about the government shutdown again?


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