Momservation: Why wait until tomorrow to become a better person today?

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I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but you all know this.


Because I don’t want to limit myself to improvements and hope for my future that can only begin with the start of a new year.

All we have for certain is this moment, so why waste it with a promise to do better next time?

I’m not trying to be deeply philosophical or condescending of lifestyle choices. It’s simply the perspective you gain when Heaven becomes crowded with those you love and miss.

Every day, not just January 1, for me is a day I try to say and do these things:

Today I will do better.

Today I will enjoy the journey.

Today I will do more good than harm.

Today I will be thankful for everything that I would not want to wake up without.

Today my smile will be contagious.

Today I will look up and truly see the beauty before me.

Today I will feel with my soul.

Today I will put down my baggage to lighten my load.

Today I will only accept positive energy.

Today I will not collect regrets.

Today I will not ask for more because today is enough.

And then I thank God for my human experience—the joy, the pain, the beauty, the suffering, the love, the malice, the delicious, the sour, the experiences, the relationships, the opportunities, the wonder, the glory, the miracle of it all.

We may only pass this way once, so when you finally decide how you want to live your amazing human life, tomorrow is not soon enough to start.


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