What Will You Do for a Ride?

Momservation: If you’re gonna use Mom as Uber, it’s gonna cost ya.

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I wonder if Uber would pay me to drive around my own kids.

Granted, I would have to get my car cleaned and detailed up to their standards—but as much as I’ve been chauffeuring my teenagers all over town this summer, it might be worth giving the kids my credit card and asking them to request me as their driver.

If Uber won’t hire me, then I really need to learn to say “No” to my kids.

Really, it’s my own fault that my kids have started to devalue my time thinking that the hyper-social lifestyle they’ve developed trumps all.

I’ll admit I have a weakness for driving my 14 year-old daughter and 15 year-old son to and from to meet at the mall, Chipotle, Jack’s Urban Eats, Cleary’s Ice Cream and Candy Bar, friends’ houses, the movies, or a party on short notice.

It’s because as a kid there was little spontaneity in my life when walking, biking, or taking the bus were my only options for getting places. Getting from Point A to Point B I had a lot of time to think about how much that SUCKED. Then, when my dad did step up to be my all-over-town chauffer, I know I didn’t appreciate the sacrifice of his time for my good time ways. Now, as a parent, I recognize that SUCKS.

And now it appears my children have honed in on my weakness and are exploiting it.

I guess they figure if I’m committed to taking them to and from their summer jobs and sporting commitments, what’s a few more stops? Again, they know how much I value a balance between work with play, but when I end up making more stops in a day than a Super Shuttle, I’m calling the scale off balance.

It was time for a little course correction.

To help my kids appreciate the luxurious lifestyle they are living—a work-from-home mother willing to indulge her children’s spur-of-the-moment plans to meet up with friends in the name of summertime adventures—I have created a helpful reference chart for them.

This is how they call the UberMom:


Okay—my son just called me as I’m writing and asked me if I can come pick him up. I can’t make this stuff up people.



  1. Dad says:

    Dad, pick me up at Amy’s at 10:00 (pm). Dad come git me at Jeanine’s. Can I stay until 10:30 (pm)? I’ll get off work at Pizza Parlor at (many various) or at the Theater after work (many, many, many various times)? Can you drive me to the school at 2am(!) to hang posters for school office election? After game(s), dance(s), after, after, after… The worst part, when the calls don’t come.

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