What If This Was All You Got for Christmas?

Momservation: Please pray for our 14-year old friend, Talon Bonanno, who won’t be home for Christmas this year as he fights his battle against cancer. Please pray that God will shine His Grace upon Talon a give him a Christmas Miracle of becoming cancer-free.


I found this when I was looking for my Christmas stationary. I think it’s about 10 years old. Actually, maybe, it found me. I needed this reminder to bring it back in close and count my blessings instead of counting all the reasons I am angry and frustrated with the world. Positive energy is the land of peace. Why wouldn’t I want to live there instead of of residing on the edge of the dark, angry black hole of negative energy? I feel like this piece of paper was a treasure map leading back home.

These are still the blessings I cherish and want to keep. If I woke up on Christmas morning with nothing except the things I thanked God for, this list just about covers it.

So who wants to join me in a place of positive energy and peace? I included a blank Twelve Days of Christmas Blessings I’d Like to Keep, just for you…

Merry Christmas

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