What Are You Still Doing Here?

Momservation: Summer is God’s fountain of youth.

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After writing Momservations® for the last five years there’s at least one thing I’ve learned:

You guys don’t like to read during the summer (with exception of the Fifty Shades of Grey summer).

But, hey, that’s okay. I don’t take it personally. I’m first and foremost here to entertain myself (the benefit of doing what you love for a living). And if we’re being honest here: I don’t really like writing a weekly blog in the summer.

That’s because I’d rather be playing with my kids.

It’s also why I don’t take it personally that readership drops in the summer—because I hope it means you are all out too busy playing with your kids.

So for those of you still reading I will give you my annual summer mantra to the tune of “Cat’s in the Cradle”:

Life is too short for regrets. Go play with your kids now. They don’t get any younger.

I’ve only got five summers left with my kids before they fly the nest. Less really as the mother of teenagers who would rather hang out with their friends. It’s gone by in a heartbeat.

For those of you with young children drowning in a sea of “Mommy! Mommy! Watch me! Look at this! Mommy, play with me! Mommy! Did you see that? Look what I can do! Mommy? Mommy?”—I remember those days of needing a life ring and just a few quiet minutes in the bathroom.

But listen. Listen closely. Hear it?

It’s fading. Mommy turns to Mom. Soon they don’t crave your attention. They don’t care about your approval. They don’t need your presence. And then there is silence—a childhood gone on a summer breeze like a sand castle blown grain by grain back into nothing more than an empty beach.

God, that’s depressing isn’t it?!

So let’s get back to our regularly scheduled program:

Go cannonball those kids in the pool! Make popsicles from Hawaiian Punch! Go ride bikes, play mini-golf, play Hot Lava Monster at the park, make Cookie Brownie Surprises in the kitchen, make a homemade Slip-n-Slide, walk to ice cream, get Slurpees anytime the temperature is over 100 degrees, go to the water park, go roller skating, ice skating, bowling…

Go play with your kids while you still have kids who want to play with you.

But before you go—watch a message from Kid President, my favorite voice for being the best you can be, to help kids where summer means being hungry:



#AMHE (Appreciating My Human Experience)


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