Week 8: Where in the World Are the Wheelers?

Momservation: How come the luggage with all the dirty laundry never gets lost?

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When we last left our intrepid heroine (that’s me – she of motto: “You want summer? I’ll give you summer dang it!”) she had stopped home long enough to pull the dirty underwear out of suitcases and add fresh ones.

No time for laundry! No time to grocery shop! No time to shave legs! Wait, more bikini time – barely time to shave legs!

It was wear the same clothes in your suitcase, throw some ice in the cooler with whatever is left, scrounge some snacks from the bottom of the snack drawer and make sure the sleeping bags, life vests, towels and sunscreen are still in the back of the car.

And we were off again.


July 29/30 

Whitney, Daddy & Logan head out for a trip around Donner Lake. Great way to celebrate our friend Alison's 40th birthday!










July 31 

Quick stop in South Lake Tahoe to see Uncle Fred's classic cars in a Hot August Nights car show.

and back to DONNER LAKE 

July 31/Aug. 1

Fearless Whitney jumping into the Truckee River exiting Donner Lake. ...There...




I said if I could just make it to August 1, when we would finally stay home for a two week rest and recharge before the last big hurrah of the summer – Washington D.C. for my brother’s Navy retirement ceremony and party (and, of course, sightseeing), I might just survive this non-stop summer of death by recreation.

However, it just may be Mt. Laundry that spells my doom…

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