Week 6/7: Where in the World Are the Wheelers?

Momservation: We’re so busy this summer I’m starting to think it’s entirely possible to have death by recreation.
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 If I can just make it until August 1, I think I might survive. Maybe.

That’s when I get a two week reprieve from non-stop summer activity (and by reprieve I mean a bag doesn’t have to be packed to go somewhere).

Then it’s the grand finale. The trip to Washington D.C. culminating with sending the kids back to school the day after we get home and me collapsing at the summer finish line in need of medical attention.

Until then I just need to make it through this week. Here’s where it started:

July 24, Cherry Island 

Mom brag alert! Here's my son, Logan. with a header at his soccer tournament. He had a hat trick (3 goals in one game) with two headers and one left footed kick. So proud! Sniff!











 July 25, Cherry Island, CA State Fair

The last game comes down to a penalty kick shoot out. The Cal Rush boys wait anxiously to see if someone from the other team will miss. They don't, we lose 5-4 in PK's but it's okay because now we're off to...

The CA State Fair! Mom took off camera duty and went for our traditional photo booth family shot. This strip marks our 20th consecutive year!

July 26, San Francisco

With family in town from South Carolina we get to play tourist. Took a boat cruise around The Bay and got our Golden Gate Bridge shot.

Now we're walking across the bridge where I spent the entire time trying to explain why people jump off it to my dumbfounded kids. Thanks a lot for sharing that statistic cousin Lyssie!

July 27, San Francisco Zoo & Giants game

Kids got to see a Grizzly Bear hamming it up in its pond at the San Francisco Zoo. Glad this is where we saw the bear this year and not when we were camping (see Week 1)

Kids at the Giants game waiting with gloves to catch a Tim Lincecum foul ball in homerun territory. They'll be waiting a long time...

July 28, Sacramento

Here's Daddy and Auntie Zann (Sooper Zann). Brief stop in town today to celebrate her birthday with a pool party/BBQ. Then we're off to...

To Be Continued with Donner Lake & South Lake Tahoe…

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