Week 5: Where in the World Are the Wheelers?

Momservation: Sign of a good family vacation – you don’t have to put down your Bloody Mary or People magazine until you’re done.

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Logan on the hunt for the Shaver Lake lunker.

Teach a kid to fish and you get peace and quiet for hours.

In theory.

That’s after you untangle the line, bait it, weight it, rebait it after the first cast, untangle it again after the second reel in, get called back over because the line’s stuck, jump up because they’re screaming they caught a fish, sit back down because it’s a stick, jump back up because they actually caught a fish, get the hook out and throw it back because it’s a minnow, start the cycle all over…

Look out fish, here they come...

The boys’ obsession with catching a fish gave the moms plenty of time to sit and gossip.

Unfortunately for the dads, the beers were getting warm.

 The girls on the other hand were ready for water sports.

Look out for this group of bathing beauties. Dads you better lock your daughters up now.

Dad may later rethink the big push to get Ella on water skis when he considers the sporting attire

 There’s nothing like the pride of seeing your daughter excel at water sports. Until you realize it’s done in a bikini. Then you start pushing the winter sports and big, thick jackets.

Whitney, Maddie & Nat ready for some tubing action

Moms and Dads got into the fun too…

Big girls just wanna have fun.

I'm on the left thinking I just want to get back to that Corona and People magazine I left on the beach if I can just hang on

Nick, Ella and Mia's Dad has still got it!

The back is creaking, but he's going for it...

He did it! Nice 360 Eric!

You might need to throw that one back Daddy...

Another sign of a good family vacation: The only person you had to take to the bathroom was yourself.

 I wouldn’t drink the lake water though…

The group that replaced beer bongs with children and couldn't be happier.

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