Voting for the Right to Complain

Momservation: It may look like it’s a democracy in our family, but we all know it’s a dictatorship – with Mom doing the dictating.

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Today is a day of great celebration –

finally arrived is our general election!

No more annoying violations to my TV

from moon promising candidates saying, “Vote for me!”

No more fear mongering persuasions in between songs

assuming I’m ignorant or a total moron.

No more mud-slinging mailers claiming fraud to detox

poor trees dying an unnoble death to fill my mailbox.

No more “Anonymous” and “Unavailable” incessant phone ringing

making me jump out of the shower interrupting my singing.

(But it is fun just to mess

and answer, “No hablo Inglés.”)

I’m ready for the campaign trail

to quit jamming up my SPAM box email.

Bombarded with Yes or No on propositions

tired of people wanting my vote or knowing my decisions.

Don’t care if you vote Ryan or Biden

I’m just ready to come out of hidin’.

Don’t care if you pick Romney or Obama 

I’m just sick of the political drama.

So go cast your vote! Make it all end!

I don’t care to the White House the person you send!

Don’t tell me on Facebook, don’t Twitter it, please!

I don’t care what political party is the bees knees!

Step out America! Go make it stop!

I don’t care which candidate you want on top.

I don’t need to hear qualifications, I don’t want to know bios

(Because in the end, it only matters if you’re from Ohio).

When I wake up tomorrow I want it to be done

I’ll embrace whichever person has won.

USA will still be great, our future still bright

We’ll still have all our freedoms and all of our rights.

Because not matter which chad dangles by a name,

Unless you vote – you don’t have the right to complain.

KMW 11/6/12


  1. Chase McFadden says:

    Look at you gettin’ all poetic. Really like the line about Ohio. And Chad Dangles would be a terrific adult film star name. And I’m with you 100%. We vote. We learn the winners. And the next morning we wake up and continue to live in an amazing country.

    • kellimwheeler says:

      Love that you’re staying on top of the best porno names, Chase. And now that the election’s over, we’re all still puttin’ our pants on one leg at a time. If that’s not enough for someone, maybe they should go try Syria for awhile…

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