Vote Then Go Take a Shower

Momservations: I’ve voted in 8 presidential elections and somehow I survived the presidencies of those I didn’t vote for. Funny how that happens…

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Vote and then chill

Vote and then chill

Thank goodness we finally get to vote.

Get this damn thing over with, get this slime off us, get on with living in an amazing country that just needs to go take a shower and clean this sh** up.

My God, you would’ve thought today was Y2K all over again the way everyone is getting all worked up: Get your disaster preparedness kit ready! Gas up your car and pull your money out of the bank! Stockpile water, food and medicine!

If (fill in the blank with the person you so despise you are considering moving to Canada) wins this election there is going to be catastrophic, life-altering, world collapsing chaos!

Uh, yeah, no.

This presidential election has been ugly. It has been forehead-slapping unbelievable. It has created unprecedented polarization. So much mud has been slung that even people in foreign countries feel like they need to go take a shower to clean up from it.

But tomorrow, when we have elected a new Commander and Chief of these United States, just like the Y2K “disaster,” not damn thing will have changed.


You can still wait in your long line for your Starbucks, you will still have the job you love or hate, you will still have your health, your family, your friends, your home in this GREAT COUNTRY THAT GIVES YOU THOSE FREEDOMS THROUGH YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE.

You don’t like who wins? You don’t like where they lead this country over the next 4 years? Then ride it out and go vote in someone new in the next presidential election. Or better yet, step up to do it yourself. And if you didn’t vote then shut the hell up with your complaints.aleppo-boy

This is not Nigeria where you have to worry about Boko Haram kidnapping your girls from school, raping them, and impregnating them with a rebel fighter’s child. This is not Allepo where our children suffer the horrors of civil war and crimes against humanity. This is not Afghanistan where women are still subjected to “honor killings” or Mosul where you will be decapitated for being the wrong religion.

This is America. Where we are safe. Where we are free. Where we have rights. Where we vote in a democracy. That will not change whether it is a Hillary or a Donald in the White House. We may not like who we get and the direction they lead our country, but we have the power to change it.

So go vote. Then take a deep breath. Take a shower. Crack open a beer or pour a glass of wine and binge watch some Netflix. It’s going to be okay.

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