Twitter, Zac, Oprah and Me

First let me say, I got on Twitter before Oprah. By a day, not counting tape delay.


And I didn’t sign up for the wildly popular free micro-blog website because Ashton Kutcher wants to count me as one of his one million “followers.” Although, I am seriously considering following Zac Efron – cougar tag be damned, I’d follow him anywhere. Yum!


No, I finally acknowledged that as a blogger, Twitter is the place to see and be seen. Plus, my Momservations tidbits fit perfectly with the format – your thoughts on any subject in 140 characters or less. These posts are called Tweets. People Tweet about the mundane (i.e. I’m tired and going to bed now) to breaking news by CNN. By far the biggest draws to Twitter are following the rich and famous who try to pretend their lives are just as ordinary as ours.


I’d been keeping Twitter on my radar, however, I was reluctant to follow the lemmings off the cliff. I thought, I’m not a sports star, red-carpet celebrity, or lesbian DJ with an on-again off-again relationship with a troubled starlet. I don’t have fans hungry for the knowledge that I just picked the pickles off my Big Mac. Why would anyone care what I’m doing at any given moment?


I’m a regular busy mom with busy mom friends – none of which I knew had the time to Twitter let alone a Twitter account. Also, I figured anyone I was slightly interested in following (Orlando Bloom – double Yum) I could just read about in People magazine while in the bathroom like I usually do.


But when I mentioned my if-I-Twitter-will-they come? reluctance to a tech savvy friend she said, “You’d be surprised. I think moms are going to be the next huge demographic on Twitter because they have so little time. It’s a quick, easy way to stay connected.”


I realized she was right and signed up. As my first Tweet said, “…Had to get on this bus before it left the station without me.”


So, yup, just like Facebook I was so fiercely resisting, I was lured into this digital age of social networking by the prospect of a fun new way to connect with people. I feel so…hip!


Here’s a sample of my last two Tweets:


The punishment may fit the crime, but it still makes you feel like a mean mommy for enforcing it.


Unless you love doing laundry, buy at least two pairs of Little League baseball pants.


Want more? Then come Twitter with me at!


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