Top 10 Uses for B-List Halloween Candy

Momservation: If a Halloween candy falls into my mouth and nobody sees it, do the calories still count?

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Top Ten Uses for B-List Halloween Candy

(You’re on your own for trying not to eat all the A-List* candy when the kids aren’t looking)

  1. Use Tootsie Rolls® as sculpture clay or ant bait. Really, that’s all they’re good for anyway.Tootsie roll sculpture
  2. Sprinkle Nerds® on your carpet as a carpet freshener and to make it sound like you’re doing a really good job vacuuming.
  3. Crush up Smarties® and stir it in your coffee as a sugar substitute – as in: it’s still sugar, just a substitute.
  4. Drop SweetTarts® in the toilet to freshen the bowl.
  5. Save Skittles® for Easter, then add vinegar to use as egg dye.
  6. Use all rejected banana flavor LaffyTaffy® as an industrial strength glue. One Halloween can last you a lifetime.lollipop garden
  7. Landscape with Dubble-Bubble® and Bazooka® bubble gum as the new lava rock of the millennium.
  8. String Starburst® as colorful garland for the Christmas tree. See #1 to keep ants away.
  9. Stick lollipops, Dum-Dums®, and Blow-Pops® in planters or flower beds for color until spring arrives.
  10. Save money at the dentist by extracting your own fillings with Dots®, LaffyTaffy®, and Jolly Ranchers®.

* A-List Candy includes anything chocolate related.


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