Three Words for You: Knuckle Head

Momservation: It’s easier to look back with nostalgia when you haven’t just changed a diaper and regularly get a full night of sleep.

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We took a break from building an Ark this weekend (due to California doing its best impression of Seattle – how has that city not washed away yet?) and pulled out some artifacts to distract ourselves from cabin fever.

Namely my old video camera and the box of cassette tapes documenting every move my kids ever made. Every move. Let’s just say despite how cute and adorable Hubby and I think our kids are there was lots of fast forwarding.

Logan's translated note to Santa - Dear Santa take sister leave presents


So when we weren’t watching a slow motion toddler search for a gazillion trillion Easter eggs (can Mommy say “overkill”?), a thousand swings at a T-ball waiting for that Buster Posey homerun, or ten miles worth of 25-yard driveway loops on a training wheel free bike, there were actually some classic outtakes of Logan and Whitney 2.0.

I wish I could show them to you, but technology long ago outpaced me. The old home movies of my kids are only one step above slide-show. I’m still stuck in America’s Funniest Home Videos in a YouTube world.

Now as my 11 year old son walks out of his room in a toxic cloud of Old Spice Body Spray and my nearly 10 yr. old daughter is already getting phone calls from boys in her class, I long for the days of Logan asking me, “Does rain ever miss a spot?” and a 20 month old Whitney sitting on the toilet giving me her best effort Poo Poo Face.

More cute kid classics:

“Cold starts with the letter Brrr Brrr.” Whitney, 3 yrs


“Five little monkeys jumping on the bed – one fell off and bumped his noggin.” Logan’ s rendition of 5 Little Monkeys, 3 yrs


“How did the Easter Bunny get the basket out of my room? He was quiet as a duck!” Whitney, 3


“Gravity.” Logan, 3, on why Jack and Jill fell down the hill


“Do you hear my voice somewhere else?” Whitney, 3, on hearing her echo


“I have a yawn stuck in my ears.” Logan, 5, on way to Tahoe


“Sacafornia.” Whitney, 3, on where we live (Sacramento, California)


“C.” Logan, 5, on the capitol of California

“I don’t know why we sing a song thanking God for snack. We should be singing a thank you song to the grocery store – that’s where food comes from!”  Whitney, 4


“Three words for you: Knuckle Head.” Logan, 6, to Whitney, 4

“I’m going to pick something easy. I’m going to work at Chuck E. Cheese because they make a lot of money there and there’s kids there.” Whitney, 6, on how she’s going to strike it rich

“I’m not laughing at her – I’m laughing at victory!” Logan, 7, on his idea of sportsmanship


“Can I have a serving of Saturday with a side of Sunday?” Whitney, 7, not ready to get up for school


  1. kellimwheeler says:

    He was really taking a risk for some coal with that and knocking out his sister’s tooth…

    Thanks for reading Marianne!

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