This Math Equation WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!

Momservation: The definition of being a rock star changes as we age. Currently, I’m a rock star for having dinner going at 7 a.m. in a crockpot.

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Meal number 7,569

Meal number 7,569

Right now the popular thing on Facebook is to post these simple looking math equations with a challenge like, 90% of people will fail to answer this correctly! So then everyone rushes to prove they’re the genius 10%.

I’m going to give you the answer to them all right now though: 100% of the people who answer it will be surprised when they suddenly get a computer virus.

That being said, let me run by you all a real math equation that BLOWS MY MIND! Here it is Jeopardy! Style:

The answer is 15,005.

The question?

What is the approximate number of meals I have prepared for my family?


I’m over 15,000 meals served for my family here people—go ahead and cut me some slack if I’m finally running out of ideas!

Let me walk you through how I figured this staggering math equation out:

First, I didn’t start counting meals prepared until my first child was born—because when you’re just a couple preparing meals is a fun culinary adventure. Plus you go out to eat a lot. Once the kids come, no one wants to deal with the ordeal of stepping foot in a restaurant and food just becomes an exercise in sustenance.

So beginning 13 years ago I prepared 3 meals a day 365 days a year plus a day for each leap year:

365 x 4 x 13 + (13 ÷ 4) = 14,238

Next I added 1 snack for each day of the year until both kids went off to school:

14,238 + (365 x 7) = 16,793

Then I subtracted two days a week for 52 weeks accounting for when Hubby would BBQ on the weekend and make Saturday morning breakfast for the last 13 years:

16,793 – (52(2) x 13) = 15,441

Then I accounted for 2 days a week we’d eat out once we got wrapped up with Little League baseball and soccer seasons beginning when Logan was 6 yrs (13 – 6) which we did for 60% of the year and subtracted that from total adjusted meals prepared:

15,441 – (52(2) x .6)7 = 15,005

I did not account for impromptu trips to McDonalds and Subway because if it’s eaten in a car I get credit for a prepared meal.

So…WOW! Fifteen thousand five meals I’ve made for my family in the last 13 years.

I don’t even want to wrap my brain around how many trips to the grocery store there’ve been…


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