The Thrill of the Hunt

Momservation: One man’s trash is another kid’s bragging rights on Twitter.

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Pop quiz!

What does this:

boxing glove


Tommy Bahama

And this have in common?

fishing lure

I’ll give you a hint:

They were all acquired by a 15 year-old boy.

Still missing the common thread? How about this hint:

They were all bought for under $10.

Coming into focus now? Here’s one last clue:


That’s right! My son has discovered thrift store shopping! And I think it’s fantastic!

What mother wouldn’t love a new hobby that gets her son’s head out of another dumb smart phone app that manufactures adventure for an actual treasure hunt adventure with friends that culminates with the joy of bringing home a single boxing glove bought for only two dollars?! Or that makes him want to get out the house to use a 50 cent fishing lure over sitting in his room with his $200 Beats? Or a kid confident enough in his style to ditch the $30 name brand t-shirts to re-rock the $7 Tommy Bahama?

Love it!

Can I please tell you how much more satisfying it is to turn over $5 to a teen who comes home with a second-hand paisley button-down shirt rather than an empty Starbucks Frappuccino cup?

I must thank my son’s buddy, Tom, who’s been stylin’ thrift store Hawaiian shirts since summer for bringing the guys around to bargain hunting. And Aiden for sealing the deal on going treasure hunting by smuggling over his brother’s flea market machete.

Honestly, I think it was the prospect of finding “matching weaponry” more than matching Tom’s impeccable clothing style that kick started the adventure—either way, those two just saved me a ton of cash in gift shopping this Christmas!

And you should have seen how excited this group of treasure hunting boys was when they heard about our local flea market—Denio’s—the largest in Northern California spread out over 80 acres! When Hubby and I let them loose at our old college stomping grounds it was like releasing them into Disneyland!

When we collected them four hours later after our own treasure hunt one was sporting his brand new $15 sneakers (style—check), each had new pocket knives (matching weaponry—check), my son had his single $2 boxing glove (why the hell not?—check), and another was wavering on going back to get the ukulele he had his eye on (cause who doesn’t need a ukulele?—next visit).

Despite the boys’ fabulous purchases, I think I made out the best!

Here’s the new toy our dog Darby got for $1 (score!):


And I’d love to show you what I got my for my white elephant Christmas party gift…but I don’t want to ruin somebody’s most excellent surprise. I will give you this hint though:

Bargained down to $10, it’s going to go FANTASTIC with someone’s framed black velvet Elvis picture!


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