The Raising of a Boy in Motion

Momservation: A body in motion stays in motion until they pass out from exhaustion at bedtime.

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If my son, Logan, had a personal motto that could be emblazoned on a t-shirt it would say: LIVE TO PLAY, PLAY TO LIVE. Unless he is sleeping or in school he wants to be outside doing something.

It has been this way since before birth. You know those kick count cards they have pregnant moms do in their final trimester, where you count how many kicks your baby does in 30 minutes? Doctors like to see at least ten in that time. My son regularly did ten kicks in 30 seconds.

Logan crawled for about a week at eight months, whining the whole time because it wasn’t enough. At the stroke of nine months he began walking and the whining stopped.

The next month he said his first word, “ball”, which was soon followed by “out” as he constantly pounded on the sliding glass to door to be set free.

He learned to ride a bike at three years old.

He was doing bike jumps off a ramp and riding four miles along side my jogging trail runs shortly after.

He has played soccer since he was four, signing him up for Kidz Love Soccer because he couldn’t wait any longer to play organized sports.

When I worried Logan might have Attention Deficit Disorder because he just couldn’t seem to sit still, his preschool teacher assured me he was fine, focusing when he needed to. But she did playfully put on his “report card”: Logan will do well is school as long as he doesn’t sit in front of a window in sight of the playground.

Nearly 12 years later nothing has changed. Yesterday, when I made him and his friend do their homework before they could go out to play you would have thought I shot him through the heart. When I told him, “You and Anthony play all the time. One day of maybe missing some playtime won’t kill you.”

“Yes it will!” he said convinced he was going to drop dead any second from inertia.

It was all because Hubby and I were making him finish an extra credit assignment we’d convinced him to undertake with this reasoning: “You’d go hit balls right now to become better in baseball, right? You’d go kick goals right now to be better in soccer, right? (To which he nodded agreement like we were absent of brains.) Then, you need to put the same extra effort into your schoolwork as you do out on the field.”

It worked. You can’t go wrong with a good sports analogy with this kid, Mr. SportsCenter. He’s actually a pretty good athlete thanks to some good genes and his singular focus.

Over the years I have collected home movies filled with Logan in a constant state of motion – playing soccer, baseball, basketball, football, Frisbee, swimming, jumping, diving, biking, motorcycling, skateboarding, skating, skiing, boogie boarding – anything until he finally collapses in bed from exhaustion of squeezing every ounce of play out of a day.

But nothing compares to this awesome clip that our friend, Dr. Dana Berry, put together of our boy in motion from film of a competitive soccer game for San Juan United:

To answer the question, Could you love forever? Easy. The hard part is pinning Logan down long enough to show him my love with a hug.

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