The Prodigal College Son Returns – And It’s a Mess

Momservation: Dreaming of the day your child comes home from college comes with a lot of baggage. Literally.

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He is home.

The first year of college that I thought would crush me has come and gone. One day we were leaving him in a cozily appointed dorm room in Boise, Idaho—my heart trying to figure out how to beat without him—and then in the second week of May he was home in a huge pile of unwashed clothes.

I am not exaggerating: Nothing. Was. Clean. Not even his rented dorm fridge that I got a $25 Dirty Return Fee for.

Garbage bags of random items that weren’t left in a Boise storage locker littered the garage.

Empty food and beverage containers started appearing again all over the house.

Wet bath and pool towels once again were strewn from bedroom to rec room.

Size 12 flip flops, work boots, and Vans began damming up the entry like 9 months before.

Yes, we are back to playing our favorite game: Where Has Logan Been? But this time it’s the College Edition: #Logan’sHome.

With accompanying EDM music blaring from a backpack speaker that he likes to shove in his sister’s face.

And a life-size poster of Logan mysteriously showing up in his sister’s room before finding its way over his parent’s bed.

Followed by returning high school friends parading through in the wee hours of the night because these college kids have turned into vampires with nighttime partying and daytime sleeping habits.

And what college homecoming would be complete without a permanent Dye Table set up in the backyard?So how is having your son finally home from college, you ask? Messy. Loud. Expensive. Exasperating. Different.


My heart beats in rhythm again.

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    • kellimwheeler says:

      Yes, this summer has been glorious with both my babies under one roof, but I know this likely will never happen again. Let me know if you figure out how to feel complete beyond the occassional holiday/special occassion visit!

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