The New Face of Sibling Rivalry

Momservation: World War III will be over a missing 14-ft cord iPhone charger.

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teen-fightThink you just scored by calling “Shotgun!”?


That is so who cares?

If you really want to get under a sibling’s skin you gotta do better than that in the 20-Teens.

Take a sister’s iPhone charger (block, cord, any of it) and now Mom’s got a fight on her hands.

Fighting over the TV remote?

Who does that? Or more specifically, who needs a TV when you have Hulu streaming on your iPad or Netflix on your phone?

Have too many devices streaming, blocking another user from getting on?

Holy Gossip Girl, Batman! We’ve got hair pulling and threats of burning favorite Brandy Melville shirts!

Fight over who gets to use the video game console?


Changing the wi-fi password to keep your brother from joining your Call of Duty group match? Now some sh*t’s going down.

Parents will always have to referee sibling squabbles—that doesn’t change. Every parent will forever curse teaching their children to walk and talk while in the middle of another knock-down, drag-out between their kids. It’s what causes Family World War III that has changed in the 21st century.

It’s all about technology now, baby:teen boys fighting

  • Someone hogging all the Family Data Plan gigabytes so that the phone stops doing everything except—gasp!—being a phone?
  • Someone end up on the short end of phone charger musical chairs (someone lost their cord so they take the bedroom cord, then someone takes the kitchen cord, so someone takes the car cord…)?
  • Someone purposely posted an ugly picture or embarrassing Tweet on social media to get someone back for borrowing their favorite jeans?
  • Someone won’t get off the laptop so they can do their homework?
  • Someone thought it was funny to change a password to lock them out of their own phone?
  • Someone won’t stop making mean comments on all their Instagram pictures?

Same ballgame, different field Momma. But before you start threatening to shut down the wi-fi and confiscate their phones until they get married, just remember: Nothing settles a fight quicker than threatening to go comment on all their social media sites as @MommaBeWatchinICU if they don’t knock it off.


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