The Deodorant is Mightier Than the Sword

Momservation: Sometimes setting a good example for your kid is no fun at all.

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I don’t have a blog for you today because I know I should not print the one I wrote.

It was titled: I Am Angry. I really let the people I am angry at have it too, boy.

When I wrote it at 5 a.m. still not able to sleep through my seething anger, I was ready to show people that the pen is mightier than the sword they cut me with.

I was send a text, post a message, leave a voicemail, write a blog that could torpedo a professional career angry.

I’m still currently hiding my phone and my computer from myself trying to retain some semblance of self-control and self-respect.

But, oh, it would be so much more fun to publicly humiliate someone.

Why all this M.I.A. flip-off the audience during a Super Bowl half-time show pent up anger and self-destruction?

Because someone hurt my kid.

And when someone hurts your kid, a parent’s first instinct is Someone’s Going to Pay.

But here’s the flip side of that coin: do you really want to teach your kid to lash out and hurt someone when things wound or disappoint them?

Or do you want to teach them to take life’s disappoints in stride, keep them in perspective, and let them shape you not break you.

I think we all know what the answer is here.

So, unfortunately for you all, the crowd needs to disperse. There’s nothing to see here. There’s not going to be a fight today.

I will be the bigger person and teach my child how to climb that higher road, no matter how difficult each step is, reminding them the view from the top will be amazing and worth the climb.

And we will look down on the people who hurt them and know that while we have ascended to the highest levels of integrity – they will always be the north end of a southbound mule.

And that they may have “Honk if you agree I’m an  a**hole” written on the back window of their car with a travel-size Lady Speed Stick.

I really should’ve hidden my deodorant from myself too.

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