Thankful for Thanksgiving Break

My kids are out of school this week for the Thanksgiving break. I was excited about sleeping in today instead of having to wake and drag kids out of bed at 7 a.m. Apparently, they have no problem getting up in the six o’clock hour as long as there’s no school involved.


And of course, like excitable puppies just let out of the crate, they immediately come bounding into my room eager to play and looking to me as their favorite chew toy. My kids long ago learned I don’t mind this and actually enjoy it as long as they let me wake up on my own first.


And my sweet little darlings have been precociously considerate of Mommy’s request since the time when they started climbing out of their cribs to stand quietly staring at me until I sensed their presence even from a dead sleep. It was always the favorite part of my day to find them patiently waiting for me to wake and play with them – although sometimes leaning against the bed and “accidentally” bumping it to encourage a quicker rousing. Sometimes I’d even pretend to be asleep, hiding my smirk under the covers as I heard them at the foot of the bed whispering, “Is she awake yet? No, I don’t think she is. Wait, I think I just saw her eyelashes move.”


I have always enjoyed this morning time together, the kids and I rolling around in bed or playing a game or just lying together talking and snuggling. Unfortunately, now that they’re school age this once daily routine has been relegated to weekends and holidays. And I’m very cognizant of the fact that this time may be fleeting as my kids quickly grow up and may soon outgrow their desire to start their day this way.


So this holiday season, one of the things I am thankful for is Thanksgiving break. A whole ten days to start my mornings unrushed and still have my 7 and 9 year old babies climb in bed with their mommy, delighted to start our day this way together.


?        ?        ?


So, here I am now, my kids hanging over my shoulder asking, “Is this what you do all day when we’re at school? Are you ALWAYS on the computer? When are we going to go ride bikes? Can I play FunBrain Arcade on your computer? Can we make cookies? Are you done yet?”


Since they’re right here, patiently or impatiently – you make the call – waiting for me to finish this blog so we can go play, I thought I’d ask them what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving season.


Whitney: Logan! (This can change from moment to moment, but since they were just playing nice together he’s made the number one slot on her thankful list) Ice skating. YOU! Daddy. Nana.


Logan: soccer. (For awhile that’s all there is. Just soccer.) Mom and Dad. I don’t know, a lot of things.


Mommy: Like what? This shouldn’t be so hard, you guys are incredibly fortunate and have wanted for nothing that I can recall.


Whitney: Soccer. Toys. The world.


Logan: My bike. Kyber (our dog).


Whitney: Me too! (This used to be her nickname, because whatever her brother did baby Whitney used to always say, “Me too!”)


Logan: Our house.


Whitney: Our yard. Does our pool count as part of our yard? Our cousins. Auntie Zann. Aunts and Uncles. Gammy and Jeff.


Mommy: That’s definitely a good start. Here’s what I’m thankful for: My babies. Daddy. My family’s good health and happiness…


Logan: You have to say puppy!


Mommy: I was getting to that… Kyber, even though he occasionally poops in my house.


Logan: Oooh, I know another thing – my friends.


Mommy: Excellent. I’m thankful for friends and family too.


Whitney: Santa and the elves!


Mommy: I thankful for our nice home to raise a family in, clothes on our backs, food on our tables.


Logan: Tell them we made green pancakes this morning!


Whitney: TV!


Logan and Whitney: Grampa!   


After that, Logan wanders out of the room, obviously done and bored with this assignment and we soon hear a video game playing from the other room.


As Whitney reads over my shoulder, she suddenly has an epiphany. “I’m gonna be in your article!”


“You’re always in my articles,” I tell her. “That’s what I do. I write about being a mom.” 


“Oh,” says Whitney already done being impressed. “Can we go to the gym now? I want to play at the Kid’s Club.”


Happy Thanksgiving.

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