Thank You My Brother

Momservation: All gave some. Some gave all. Never forget the ones that did fall. Thank you Veterans.

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You left at eighteen

The call of duty always your song

No one believed in you

You were going to prove them wrong

Photo by proud dad, Ronald Silveira

Photo by proud dad, Ronald Silveira

You left a boy

And became a Navy sailor

A man for his country

Whose first duty was honor and valor

You saw your first Gulf War

On the USS Carl Vinson at age twenty-three

Your family so relieved

With a swift victory

But your house was a ship

Stationed on coasts far from home

We stayed connected by letters

And holidays over telephone

You rose through the ranks

Serving your country your trade

Not often you could visit

Two weeks the longest you stayed

Photo by proud dad Ronald Silveira
Photo by proud dad Ronald Silveira

You became a hero

When stationed at Guantanamo Bay

A crashed burning plane

You saved two souls that day

On far flung shores

You grew your own family

It wrenched our hearts to miss it

But just glad you were happy

Another Gulf War broke out

More family fear of the danger

You promised you were safe

But it made you a stranger

You missed holidays and birthdays

You missed funerals and weddings

But how proud you made us

We were never forgetting

In serving your country

Time had become a thief

Suddenly our drifting boy

Had become a dashing Navy Chief

My brother, Chief Ron Silveira, and me
My brother, Chief Ron Silveira, and me

Dangerous covert operations

Took you to Iraq and Afghanistan

You saw more tragedy and loss

Than should be seen by any man

The fallout was great

Your service and dedication came at cost

Kids growing up without their father

Eventually a marriage lost

But no one can say

You didn’t give it all

A veteran of three wars

Only the best heed that call

As we honor our military

On this Veteran’s Day

You are among our country’s elite

And for the lost we pray

No matter the sacrifice

No matter how far you did roam

All that matters my brother

Is that you came home.

                                                                   KMW 11/11/15



  1. Dad says:

    The Chief’s uniform sleeve tells of your patriotic devotion to duty and now your sister has revealed the full measure of the man as well. You offered youth and sacrificed your health to the cause of freedom and when offered thanks and praise your selfless reply is just, “It was an honor to serve.” Maybe so son but few are your equal. Carry on.

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