Take No Prisoners Spring Break

Momservation: A good kid is a tired kid.

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We interrupt this regularly scheduled productivity and profitability for Spring Break – when children are let out of school for a week to test the boundaries of their parents’ patience and flexibility.


For parents it’s a tough break – figuratively and literally (for inside joke see last week’s Always and Never). It either breaks your pocket book because as a working parent you now have to spring for a babysitter, day camp, or take a week of unpaid vacation (paid if you’re lucky). If you’re an at home parent it threatens to break your spirit with kids bouncing off the walls with spring fever.

For me, I look at it as spring training for summer. It’s an exercise in keeping the kids so busy that they will be begging for school to start again. My longtime slogan has always been: You Want Summer? I’ll Give You Summer Da**it!

I’ve made adults cry who’ve tried to keep up with us.

So, if I’m going to take time off from my regularly scheduled programming because the kids are out of school, then dang it, let’s DO this thing!

Here’s how it’s shaping up so far:

SATURDAY: Day of baseball and BBQ.

Everyone’s still in good spirits.

SUNDAY: Word of the day: Sure! Can we go creek walking? Sure! Can we have friends over? Sure! Can we make sno-cones? Sure! Can we tear up the lawn playing ball? Sure! Can we swim in an iceberg laden pool? Sure!

First kid cries at bedtime, exhausted and not wanting to get up early for next day’s event.

MONDAY: Snow skiing at Sugar Bowl in Tahoe thanks to free passes and only an hour and a half away. Perfect illustration of spring in California – one day swimming the next day skiing in fresh powder in a snow storm.

 Second kid cries. When I ask why they sob, “I don’t know why!”


TUESDAY: A day of junk food, miniature golfing and Lazer Tag at Golfland Sunsplash thanks to some more free passes, Grampa in tow. Competition level: High. It’s getting hard to beat the kids, Mommy’s considering cheating. Night at the Little League ballpark, hot dogs and Icees all around.






Quote of the day:

Whitney running by after taking her brother’s hat: Mom! Tell Logan not to kill me!

Mom without looking up from paper and coffee: Logan, it’s not nice to kill your sister.

On tap for the rest of the week (sponsored by quote overheard from Sadie, whose mom has her on same Take No Prisoners Spring Break schedule, “I thought this was my week to sleep in!”):

WEDNESDAY: Snow skiing with some free passes at Sierra at Tahoe.

THURSDAY: Going with a herd of kids and moms looking to keep them busy to see the movie Rio. Thank goodness for more free passes and smuggled treats.

FRIDAY: Heading an hour and a half west to the beach at Pacifica and to see cousins.

SATURDAY: More baseball and Easter preparations.

SUNDAY: The Easter bunny arrives and we will try to put the nail in the coffin of Fun Tired via death by chocolate.

Show of hands – who’s ready for a break now by going back to school?

That’s what I thought. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

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