Summer Fun with Kids: Pinterest Project Day

Momservation: Doing a project with the kids usually ends in a big mess. You’ll forget the mess. The memory you made together is forever.

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Summer is here and I have vowed to bring it down to my children’s level and get barefoot with filthy feet, pool-showered, and not change out my bathing suit if at all possible.

Okay, I can’t take it that far without getting a yeast infection, but my plan is to enjoy this summer like I’m 12 years old.

This is our first full week of summer and tomorrow we’ll be kicking off Fun Wednesdays. We’ve already gotten the jump on sleeping in and eating cereal for lunch. Already turned the lounge mats into a slip n slide into the pool. Already showed up at someone else’s pool and ended up staying for dinner.

But the summer is young and there’s plenty more to do!

So if I’m thinking like a 12-year old, getting ready to whine about being bored, what do I have on my hands right now?

Nothing but time.

What do people do when they have nothing but time?

They cruise the boards on Pinterest pinning projects that they think they will one day try to make but never do, becoming the electronic equivalent of Better Homes and Gardens torn out magazine pages getting dusty in a drawer!

But this time, my friends, someone is making a vegetable tray that looks like Elmo!

Yep, stealing and modifying an idea from my friend Becky (already crashed their dinner party at a restaurant)…we’re going to do Pinterest Projects Day each week!

I, personally, like things that are easy and edible. But on Pinterest the possibilities are endless! Painting nails to look like Converse high tops…tabletop ecosystems…dying your hair with Kool-Aid…hanging wall gardens!

For those of you who aren’t making like a 12 year-old and seeing how long you can get away with not changing your underwear and don’t have all the time in the world, feel free to use my Pinterest board as your own:

Pinterest project day

Pinterest Project Day

(See…now you’ve already taken someone else’s idea and passed it off as your own while basking in the glory! Happy summer!)


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