Slumber Party Mischief

Momservation: The silliest of plans are hatched at slumber parties.

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Katy Perry, Snoop Dog and their back-up dancers

If someone is going to give in to a dare to sniff pepper up their nose, turn a dozen eggs snuck from the fridge into dressed up egg babies, or have a boy dress up like Katy Perry and lip sync to “California Gurls” chances are it goes down at a slumber party.

All of this has happened under my watch. This is just what I know of. The more kids over the more I retreat to my room, lock the door and do damage control in the morning. Come the teenage years though it’s Daddy’s turn to go on slumber party patrol decked out in his hunting gear.

I’ve been tempted to say “no” to sleep-overs just because I don’t want to deal with the loud, ramped up silliness, over-extended bedtimes, repeated warning to settle down and the inevitable mess left behind.

But right now in the 10-11 age rage it’s all goofy, harmless fun the kids should indulge in. Sleep-overs are where friendships are solidified, bonds are forged and something’s definitely going to get broken.  

But what I really want to know is what is it about slumber parties that can make the Beaver Cleaver of kids turn into Eddie Haskell?

Case in point, my son Logan. Rules kind of guy, let’s his skills do the talking on the playing field, probably going to go Republican.

It wouldn’t be unusual to find my son doing this:

Or this:

But add one buddy, your sister and her girlfriend, an iPod, maybe a little bit of a soda and candy high, and a sleep-over situation and you get this instigated by my son:

Apparently there was an even more entertaining rendition of Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You” but I was locked in my bedroom by then.

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