Side-Track Sally Strikes Again

Momservation: It’s not what’s on the original To Do List that counts as a productive day. It’s all the other sh** you do to avoid the things on your To Do List that show real productivity.

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I am sitting here smelling like rotten fish.

Because my dog rolled in rotting fish when I took her for a walk on the American River. (Why do dogs roll in stinky sh**? What makes an animal sniff something so rank and then say to themselves: “You know, this would smell even better if it were on me!”)

When I got home (after I drove 2 miles out of my way to get cheaper gas, doubled back to go to the grocery store where I ended up with a bag of chocolate chips and Prosecco so I could get cash back), I gave the dog a bath.

I threw a ball in the pool to put the dog through the rinse cycle. Realized there was a ton of pine needles in the pool so started to skim them out.

Noticed the pool deck was a mess after this last wind storm so I up righted the blown over pool furniture and then got the gas blower to blow off the pool deck. Realized while I had the blower that I should blow off all the pathways on our ¾ acre property.

When I went to put the blower back on the covered outdoor bar and BBQ where Hubby had put it and the weed Wacker to keep them out of the rain, I decided it was time to put them away where they belonged instead. Ended up cleaning off all the miscellaneous crap that has ended up on the bar since end of summer.

When I was done, I grabbed a drink out of the outdoor fridge. Realized it needed to be cleaned out. Transferred drinks into the garage fridge that is more utilized this time of year. Realized the garage fridge needed to be cleaned out.

Finally dried off the dog and came inside. Saw the Prosecco and chocolate chips on the chair where I left them when I came home from the river with a stinky-a**dog. Went to put the Prosecco in the inside fridge and started rearranging/cleaning that fridge so it would fit.

Then I realized when I left to go walk the dog this morning so the cleaning ladies could clean my house (after I ran around for nearly an hour straightening so they could clean: dishes out of the sink and into dishwasher – which may have been clean and needing unloading, dirty towels from floors and hooks into wash – how many people live here?!, make beds so they don’t think we’re pigs, wipe down toilets so they don’t think we’re pigs, pick up all the stuff off my kids’ floor that I asked them to pick up so the cleaning ladies could vacuum, straighten my work desk and kitchen desk so they can get to it – which meant throwing everything in a reusable bag, get everything off bathroom and kitchen counters so they can wipe them down – which means throwing it under the sinks, then hide things in garage so we don’t have random piles of crap everywhere and they think we’re horders…) I didn’t get a chance to pay the bills before the mailman came. Went to see if the mailman came—he did. Got the mail. Saw a new People magazine came, flipped through it, and decided to grab a yogurt and sit down for a sec while I looked at Golden Globe pics.

Noticing all the hot bods in tight dresses I remembered that even though the dog was exercised, I wasn’t. Went to change into gym clothes and noticed I smelled like rotten fish. Thought about taking a shower but then decided once I was clean I wasn’t going to want to go to the gym and have to shower again.

Hmmm. Was hoping to the check the gym off my To Do List for the day:

Walk dog at river

Go to gym

Write blog

Organize desks

        Update 2019 desk calendar

   Make chocolate chip cookies for Game Night

Clean the house for cleaning ladies

Get gas

Get choc chips to make cookies (and Prosecco)

Get cash

Bathe dog

Clean pool

Straighten and blow off pool deck

Blow off walkways

Clean off outdoor bar & BBQ

Organize 3 refrigerators

Shower so I don’t smell like rotten fish

Do the ONE thing I HAD to do today: write blog

So yeah. Here I sit smelling like rotten fish because Side-Track Sally struck again. But I guess productivity is all in the perspective.

Hope you enjoyed the blog, cause now I need to take a shower.

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