Relaxing is for Sissies

Momservation: A tired kid is a good kid.

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This is the time of year people in these parts think that the Wheeler family is crazy. We book up a summer thick with activities like a flea circus on a junk yard dog.

That’s because I am the Queen of the Preemptive Strike when it comes to keeping kids too tired to whine about being bored for the summer. My kids beg to go back to school just to get some rest by the time I’m done with them. My motto has always been: You Want Summer? I’ll Give You Summer Dang It!

So here’s what the Wheeler summer looks like (so far): 

And this is just what’s scheduled. It doesn’t count impromptu backyard swim parties and BBQ’s, sleep-overs, and the-best-boat-is-your-friends-boat day trips.

So buckle your seat belts, keep all arms, hands, legs and feet inside the vehicle and enjoy the ride…


    • kellimwheeler says:

      Even if it’s just a day trip I can see why – the Yosemite waterfalls look spectacular this year! We’re not going until August, but they say the waterfalls will still be amazing then. And like a major league baseball player can’t lay off the high fast ones, I can resist jam packing a summer to wring as much fun as possible out of it!

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