Momservation: If Google knows more about you than your best friend—it might be time to revisit your privacy settings.

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data privacy (2)I know I sound like a broken record (and just really dated myself to the iTunes generation), but this message is very important to me:

What does your digital footprint look like?

As modern-day parents, we need to ingrain in our digital age kids to constantly ask this of themselves. Just as we’ve taught them to always say “please” and “thank you,” chew with your mouth closed, flush and wash your hands after using the bathroom, treat others the way you want to be treated, and nobody likes a biter—getting our children to indoctrinate being online savvy and not online idiots should be a core value.

But then (as with all important lessons in life), we, as parents, should be modeling the behavior and values we hope to instill.

So I ask you parents:

What does your digital footprint look like?

After reading my Momservations® blogs, Parenting in the Digital Age, Writing the Rule Book on Parenting in the Digital Age, and The Most Important Thing Teens Can Do to Keep Their Options Open, SingleHop.com , a private cloud hosting site, challenged me to take a social media quiz to see what my digital footprint looked like. Private cloud hosting not only helps you to manage your digital footprint but also insures the security and accessibility of the data you store.

I did okay (21 points) taking into consideration that I’m a blogger/writer who allows a public profile. I am also diligent about what I post because I don’t want to lose clients or potential clients as a freelance writer. But I do admit that it’s a little scary how much personal information can be found out about me by Googling my name.

So, for February’s Data Privacy Month try taking SingleHop.com’s quiz to see if you’re being a good digital role model for your kids. Have your kids take the quiz. No matter your score hopefully it starts a dialogue on the importance of privacy and safety on social media.



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