Orange and Black Magic

Waiting for autographs at the Giants game

Momservation: Creating a memory with your kids that you know they’ll always remember is what coal must feel like when it turns into a diamond.

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Hubby and I are officially The Best Parents in the World. At least for the moment. (When you have preteen kids it’s a briefly held title.)

We took them to a Giants game this past weekend and left the word “No” at home. It’s amazing how a kid can suddenly turn into a Giants fan when they’re allowed to have their run of the souvenir shack. (We’re talking girl child here with her new Pablo Sandoval Panda hat, Giants necklace, Giants Silly Bandz bracelets – all from the kid who didn’t want to go because “I hate baseball.”)

Giants pitcher Brian Wilson - my Halloween alter ego

First, I have to thank Auntie Zann (aka Sooper Zann) for getting us the tickets. Then we have to thank Nana for sponsoring the event – down to every indulged sugar-coma treat that was hawked down our isle by the game vendors.

At the urging of our Giants crazy son decked out in his Little League Giants jersey, Giants hat and Brian Wilson beard – nicknamed both Mini BP (Buster Posey) and SportsCenter for his favorite player, his LL baseball position, his penchant for the sports cable show, and making big plays – we got to AT&T Park two hours early for player autographs and pictures. 

Logan getting Giant's pitcher Javier Lopez's autograph

It was magical. As soon as we entered the stadium the kids were swept up in the thrill of it all. The smell of the roasting hot dogs, the sight of the impossibly green field stretched before them, the whapping sound of a fastball hitting a glove.

The fam decked out in our orange and black, Sandoval panda hat, and Brian Wilson beard

The kids raced down to the front row, the stadium nearly to themselves. It seemed unreal. Giants players down on the field warming up, waving to them like school yard friends, getting autographs of your heroes, pictures with athletes whose baseball cards you’ve collected.

By the time the crowd filled in and the game started the kids were drunk on huge souvenir cups of soda and high on the excitement of catching a homerun, foul ball, or a warm-up ball flipped into the stands from the outfielders, gloves ready.

Whitney getting Javier Lopez's autograph

It was an awesome experience. Doing the wave. Ringing the bell on the cable car overlooking McCovey Cove. Punching your fist in the air trying to see yourself on the Fist Pump Cam. Watching Brian Wilson stride out to save the game. Being a part of a sea of orange and black euphoric to watch the boys of summer win a game like we had done it ourselves.

The best part though – watching the silly grins on my children’s faces as they had the time of their lives. Priceless.

Waiting for an autograph from Brandon Belt

Oh, yeah, and as if it couldn’t get any better – the Giants won.

Giants win!

Brandon Belt, on the DL, signing autographs


Mike Fontenot, on the DL, warming up



Pablo Sandoval, on the DL, warming up

Barry Zito, on the DL, signing autographs


  1. Chase McFadden says:

    Read this on my phone the other day and never got back to it. What a terrific day that was, huh? Going to a ballpark is amazing and you described it perfectly.

    They probably beat the Rockies, right?

    We’re headed down to Coors field in a couple of weeks.

  2. kellimwheeler says:

    Oh yeah, they beat the Rockies. I think that Brian Wilson beard Logan always wears is turning out lucky.

    I heard Coors field is pretty awesome too. You gotta go early if you can – your cute brood will suck in autographs for sure. Bonus too if they have a kids run the bases day afterward!

    Have fun and happy summer!

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