One Year Anniversary

Big day tomorrow.


April 8 will mark the one year anniversary of my very first blog post.


That’s right, my children’s milestones haven’t been officially recorded in a baby book since first molars came in, but I have shamelessly used them for material here for one year.


And amazingly, I haven’t been just entertaining myself! I’m not quite sure what to make of the thousands who have tuned in to witness the side possibility that my children may one day be raking me over the coals on Dr. Phil’s couch for unknowingly using them for fodder.


I like to think you are all laughing with me and not at me. I also love to think of you all as my comrades in the trenches of motherhood.


That we are linked by the dark rings of sleep deprivation under our eyes and the puke stains on our Asics.


That admitting you yell at your kids while standing in your underwear and that they learned the S-H word from you is considered the norm here.


That scavenging for half-eaten dino-nuggets, considering Goldfish crackers its own food group, and blowing dog hair off the strawberry that fell on the floor before handing it back to be eaten is standard.


That drying tears, fixing problems, and making everything all better is all part of a day’s work.


That it’s unanimous laundry, cleaning house, and figuring out what to feed people never gets fun.


That we all agree being the maid, chef, chauffer, administrative assistant, doctor, event organizer, referee, and jack-of-all-trades should pay better.


That at the end of the day, we wouldn’t trade our jobs for anything.


That children can at once be exhausting and entertaining, exasperating and amazing, defiant and delightful, annoying and adorable, tear-provoking and heart constricting and when you look at their sleeping angel faces at night you can’t believe you’ve so lucky.


That motherhood may be the most challenging thing we’ve ever done, but it sure is the best ride in the park.


Thanks for taking the journey with me.


Even after Family Ear Wax Night.


?        ?        ?

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