Momservation: Self-respect means never having to say “I broke the internet.”

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SI coverHoly brazilian wax Batman!

I may be late to the party, but I just saw the cover of the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. It gives new meaning to “How low can you go?”

It also pisses me off.

How am I supposed to reinforce the message that less is more when media outlets keep bombarding our kids with the perception that sharing (nudity) is caring?

How do I teach my son to respect women when Kim Kardashian perpetuates the objectification of women by “blowing up the internet” by posting a full frontal photo?KK break internet

How do I convince my teenage daughter that sending nude selfies is not acceptable nor desirable behavior when her Disney Channel idol, Miley Cyrus, continues to bare all on a regular basis to much attention and fanfare?Miley Cyrus

Is it any surprise then that the latest disturbing trend on social media (they just keep coming like idiotic moves from Kanye West) is the proliferation of “Nudes”—as the kids like to call them?

Yes, kids.

Nudes have become a modern day trading card among the no-need-to-brazilian-wax or manscape yet set. Boys ask girls for them via text and SnapChat like they would ask a favorite band. Once they get them, they share them with their friends trying to start a collection. They hide them from their parents in apps like Keep Safe and Private Photo Vault that require a code and which they bury in Utilities or Games icons on their phones.Utilitiesgames icon

As a kid posted on an profile of a middle school child I know: “You’re not a real man if you don’t have Nudes.”  (FYI idiot—you can be prosecuted as a real man for possession of child pornography)

And why is this a Disturbing (with a capital D) new trend instead of the sexual harassment offense it should be?


Like getting a tattoo (a permanent marker of a temporary feeling), it boggles my mind that young people can’t foresee how regrettable taking, sending, and keeping Nudes on their smartphones can be. Beyond ruining a reputation it can deny entry to college or from getting a job. It can get you a felony record for possession of child pornography or registered as a sex offender.

Some blame the idiotic decision to take and send Nudes on the underdeveloped front temporal lobe of teens that controls rational decision making. Some blame low self-esteem. Others blame it on poor parenting.

I’m blaming Sports Illustrated, Kim Kardashian, and Miley Cyrus.


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