Now That’s How You Do 40

Momservation: I agree with William Feather – Setting a good example for your children takes all the fun out of middle age.

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 What do you get if you take one person turning forty, 30 business professionals/parents up for adventure, two 15-passenger vans, a scavenger hunt list, with a start and end at a local bar?

 A heck of a good time and hopefully no one having to call the babysitter to bail them out of jail.

Needless to say, I was not going to go quietly into the night on my 40th birthday. If me and 40 were going to do this thing, then we were going to go big or go home.

I assure you, home was not on my scavenger hunt list.

Here’s what was on Kel’s 40th Birthday Scavenger Hunt List:

Time Limit: 3hrs (7:30-10:30)

Start & End: Luna Lounge

Qualifying bars (at least one item/task from each):


Some of the items retrieved from Scavenger Hunt

Some of the items retrieved from Scavenger Hunt

Luna Lounge

Long Shot

The Mushroom

Club 2me


Pine Cove Tavern


  1. Get as many people as possible to sign provided autograph book with birthday message (winner gets 10 pts)
    Van A gets to the firehouse first

    Van A gets to the firehouse first


2. Group Picture with a fireman in uniform (5pts)  

(10 pts for Picture with someone from group in truck wearing fire helmet)


3. Penny from Year Kelli was born (5 pts) 

4. Bottle of Kelli’s favorite beer signed by bartender –empty ok (5 pts) 

5. Receipt for 40 cents of gas (5 pts) 

6. Group picture in front of Sac State sign (5pts)

(10 pts for picture of group pyramid on 50 yrd line at sac state) 

7. Sock with a hole in it (5pts) 

8. Convince stranger to make homemade birthday card for kelli with items from bar (5pts) 

9. January edition of Inside Arden (paper I write column for) (5pts)

(10 pts for December edition) 

10.  Entire group must show up at 8:40 at base of escalator at WalMart and perform “Cupid Shuffle” flash mob (10pts) 

11. Convince a bar to give you a free tshirt for birthday girl (10pts) 

12.  Bar of hotel soap (10 pts) 

13.  Group picture in front of Kelli & Trey’s first house (5pts) (10 pts if it includes owner/renter) 

14. Item representing “K” (5pts) (Add’l 5pts for best item)

Human Letter “K” wins the bonus points


15.  Item representing “e” (5pts)             “ 

16. Item representing “L” (5pts)             “

17.  Item representing “L” (5pts)             “     

18.  Item Representing “I” (5pts)             “

19.  Item Representing “40” (5pts)          “

20.  Drink umbrella (5pts)

21. Birthday candle (5pts)

(10 pts if connected to a cupcake or cake)

22. Balloon (5pts)                                                     (10 pts for helium with store logo)

23.  Convince stranger to tell best joke to make Kelli laugh into memo device on phone (5pts)

That’s not the whole group but worthy effort and great hats


24.  Group picture of team sharing a soda – each with own straw (5pts)

25.  Ding dong ditch your babysitter with picture proof of kids at door (5pts)

26.  Signature of someone with same birthday as Kelli (5pts)

27.  Signature of someone with same name as kelli (5pts)        

(10 pts if spelled the same)

28.  Coaster with bar logo signed by bartender with happy bday message (5pts)

29.  Convince Eli to create special drink for Kelli and name it, record recipe in autograph book (5pts)

Copacobana never sounded so good


30.  Entire group must show up at 9:40 at Pine Cove Tavern and sing “Copacabana” Karaoke (10 pts)

31.  Photo of license plate with most character combinations of “Kelli 40” (5pts)

(10pts for entire combination)

32.  Date stamp in autograph book with Kelli’s birthday (5pts)

Van B’s hats were better, but their picture was blurry – must’ve stopped at the Firedance first


33.  Group picture wearing tin foil hats (5pts)


34.  Business card of gynecologist or proctologist (10 pts)

35.  Item from kiss n Tell (5pts)

(10 pts item from Goldies)

36. Bar coupon or gift certificate signed by owner or manager (5pts)

37.  Group picture with policeman in uniform (5pts)

(10pts for picture of someone from group in handcuffs or back of squad car)

38. Picture of someone in group standing in front of their college dorm room or apartment (5pts)

Wait…is that real?


39.  Pitcher signed by bartender with birthday message (5pts)


40.  Someone from group comes back with fake tattoo (5pts)

Bonus 20 if group comes back with pictures developed

Turns out Van A won by five points and won the prize package that included a Burger King crown, powdered doughnuts, clearance rack CD, king and queen M&M figurines, and, most importantly, bragging rights.

Basking in the glory of a Van A win

However, had I known what awaited me from Van B when I arrived home, the bonus points would’ve won them the scavenger hunt title.

Um, TPing my house wasn’t on the list! My kids thought it was excellent that their 40 yr old mom got TPed though

I’d love to share more pictures (handcuffed friends in back of police car) and video (flash mob in Walmart in tin foil hats), but there are some people who’d like to keep their day jobs.


  1. kellimwheeler says:

    Thanks Chase! Hope you’re a good pole vaulter – I expect to read about the Wyoming version in a few years.

    p.s. You might want to ease in with Couple’s Dodge Ball at your local trampoline place (last year’s bday celebration).

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