New Year, One Less Episode of “Hoarders”

Momservation: Kids grow out of their clothes before you can cut the price tag off.

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Fortunately, or unfortunately, the kids were good this year and Santa delivered a mound of presents instead of coal.

I had more room for the coal.

So as part of our New Year’s resolutions to unclutter, be generous to those less fortunate, and support worthy causes we all hit our closets, dressers, and toy chests (for Hubby this was the garage and shed) to find things we could part with.

Sign it’s time for a closet clean out


We came up with 11 Hefty bags of clothes, shoes, and toys (not counting big boys toys from the big boy toy chest) to donate to the American Cancer Society Discovery Store and 3 bags of trash.

To say this reorganization was a bit overdue is like saying Lady Gaga is a bit over the top. It was a close call with A&E’s “Hoarders” showing up at our door.

In one sense it was easy. Not being able to shut your closet doors anymore because of the avalanche of shoes (uh, me) and toys has a tendency to motivate organization. Especially when you’re still somewhat afraid of closet monsters (oldest boy/man child) and need those babies shut at night.

On the other hand though, it was tough. It was hard for me to see my children throw clothes into the donate pile that I knew they had hardly worn, some of which still had tags on them! I just kept seeing dollar signs fly away with little wings and ached for the pointless hole it left in my wallet.

Granted, the kids can’t help their growth spurts. But for the stuff they at one time HAD to have only to be rejected once tags were pulled off because “I didn’t like it anymore” or “it felt sorta itchy” or “it didn’t look right” – let’s just say I had to keep telling myself this was all going to a good cause or I would be defending myself against probable cause.

I expect this kind of exasperation with my children. Hubby has no excuse.  Especially when I’ve asked him about birthday and Christmas gifts, “Are you sure you like it? You’re not just saying that? You’ll actually wear this if I wash it first? You sure?” And I got grunts of yes to each chance to back out.

In the end, for the whole operation to continue moving forward, I had to switch from clear plastic bags to black bags because I didn’t want to see what my family considered unwanted or disposable.

Now, my vintage collection of 80’s outfits, shoulder padded business suits, and J.Lo sweats – I knew someone was gonna want those priceless gems but you ain’t prying those outta my closet.

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