Momservations’ Enduring Life Lessons

Momservation: Some days all you can hope for is that you’ve done more good than harm.

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You know I moonlight.

This isn’t my only writing gig.

Hard to believe, I know.

But for nearly a decade my Momservations® family column (formerly Mommy Tales), has been running in the print publication Inside Arden each month. Never has a group of people believed in me more than my own parents. Love them over there.

So in honor of Inside Publications’ continued support of my career and being the first to put faith in my writing abilities I have compiled a list of early Momservations® from my first Inside Arden columns. I like to think of them as little nuggets of realization that have turned out to be pretty good enduring life lessons. Use them as you see fit:

Momservations’ Enduring Life Lessons


It’s so fascinating how impressions are made, influences shaped, discoveries found and worlds expanded—all from the back seat of a car.
Unscripted momentsIt is the unscripted moments and experiences you indulge or overcome that flesh out the true living of a good life.
Life is like a sandboxLife is like playing in a sandbox.  If you want to get the most out of it, you just gotta dig in.
Memories etched on heartThe memories that became etched on my heart were the ones life provided just by being blessed with children.
Don't grow up todayI pray that one day my children grow up to be healthy, happy and contributing adults. Just not today.
Don't overwhelm themAs kids get older it gets increasingly trickier to explain things in a way that will make sense to them and further their knowledge without overwhelming them.
Mommy memoryMommy Memory: Purposefully moving toward a task or idea ready to initiate, followed by the realization that the task or idea about to be performed has completely left the cranial area. Becomes more chronic with multiple children.
Works in ProgressLook at children with hope in their potential, not judgment of their failures and trust they are works in progress.
Investing in others happinessChildren make us see past ourselves helping us reap the benefit of investing in someone else’s happiness.
IMG_1599Marriage and family is a balance.  It’s a job that takes Herculean effort to balance once the chaos of family life is added to the mix of couple time.  But isn’t it worth it?
Value of children needing youDon’t let your value be tied to whether or not your children need you.
Share your wonderShow your kids being an adult doesn’t mean you lose your wonder of the world – it means you share your wonder.
Every day dreamsSometimes you find your everyday dreams are richer and more precious than achieving your wildest dreams.
Accept challenges bask in rewardsWe live in different times and the modern landscaping of parenting has evolved in so many different ways.  Accept the challenges that come with it, but also bask in its rewards.
Levees of love and supportAccept the fact that some days the needs of your children will spill over your levees of love and support.
Enjoy the perksDon’t forget to step away from the responsibilities of parenthood and enjoy the perks.
Reason for LivingParenthood is seeing the world through your child’s eyes and realizing it’s your reason for living at that moment.
Raising Kids Lasts a LifetimeRaising kids is the biggest learning curve there is and it lasts a lifetime.
Miraculous GiftYour children are, despite some days to the contrary, a miraculous gift: little reminders of heaven here on earth, physical representations of unconditional love.
Hug and Kiss Your Kids TodayTomorrow is not promised – hug and kiss your kids today.


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      Oh yeah – it was reminding time for me. The pictures are just as much of a treasure to me as rediscovering my own words of wisdom!

      Thanks for being a loyal reader, my friend!

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