Mommy Doesn’t Get a Sick Day

Momservation: A boss may let you take a sick day, but a toddler won’t.

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Many of you may not realize this, but I have a toddler.

Taking care of her needs takes up a lot of my time:

Getting her up in the morning and singing all our morning songs together as we snuggle and love each other.

Getting her to the potty and making sure doesn’t take her medicine on an empty stomach—you’ve never seen someone get so excited about breakfast jumping and spinning around!

We used to take her brother and sister to school before we got in our morning walk, but now that her brother is driving we go right after breakfast. She can’t wait for her walks!

All tuckered out from the excitement of the walk she goes down for her morning nap while I work at the computer.

After lunch she’s ready to play again and like any toddler she just wants to play her favorite game over and over: Den Ball.

If I do chores around the house she follows me from room to room. If I do chores outside she wants me to stop what I’m doing to play with her.

She loves running errands because she loves car rides.

If I don’t pay attention to her she will shove a toy at me until I do. She will also do naughty things like messing up her bed or getting into the garbage because even negative attention is attention.

Her separation anxiety is really bad. She doesn’t want to be with anyone else except her mommy.

And, oh, the sad face when I tell her “Mommy will be right back.” Breaks my heart every time.

She insists on eating dinner every day at 4pm. She’ll yell at you if you don’t feed her on time. It’s crazy how she always knows what time it is without knowing how to read a clock!

She finally settles down at night. Our favorite thing to do is lie on my bed and watch TV together or she’ll nap while I read the paper.

Then at exactly 10pm she gets up and wants to be put to bed. She’ll just stand there and wait until you get up, pick her up, and put her to bed. Boy is she getting heavy!

We both love our little routines, but like all mothers of toddlers know, Mommy doesn’t get a sick day.

So when I got sick this week and Daddy and the kids went off to work and school, my little toddler just wouldn’t let me lay in bed in rest.

She tried everything to get me to budge: She tried to crawl in my lap. She snuggled up next to me rolling on me like a little steam roller. When I tried to push her away telling her to let me rest because I was sick, she refused to take “No” for an answer and flopped down on me anyway.  She even licked my face!

So finally, I laughed and said, “Fine! You win!” I blew my nose, got dressed, and took her for a walk which made her very happy.

And it made me happy. Because, really, who can resist this adorable little face?


Please get up, Mommy!



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