M is for Medic

Momservation: Unless you have a close relationship with your chiropractor, cartwheels, sliding into home, and flips on the trampoline are best left in the past. 

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Another example of seemed like a fun idea at the time

Turns out it’s pretty fortunate to have a chiropractor for a friend and a general contractor for a husband.

Dr. Mark gets a few things built around his house and Hubby and I can still play with our kids knowing we will be fixed when we’re done.

There’ll be a new fence and gate going up at Dr. Mark’s thanks to me thinking I can still outrun an infield hit to first base. Blew out my quad in three steps during a pick-up game of kids vs. parents baseball.

There I was thinking I’d show everyone the former track star still has it. Now Hubby is telling me I’ve got to come up with a better story to salvage my cool mom reputation.

“Tell ‘em you were rounding third on a 3-run RBI,” he said. “And leave out the part where you stretched and warmed up for a half-hour before.”

With a little ultrasound therapy I should be able to run again in six weeks.

This past weekend Dr. Mark scored some cabinets in his garage when Hubby decided he’d give wake boarding a try. How hard could it be after seeing his 9 year old daughter pop up like a little cork and ride the wake during her first experience?

I will give him credit, he did eventually get up. At least long enough for me to get a picture of him before he wiped out and blew out his back.

This was before him wrenching his neck diving off a two-story houseboat showing off for the kids.

I only got the wind knocked out of me going face first down the boat’s waterslide.

My advice to those of you who don’t have a chiropractor who does trade on speed dial:

Just say no to anything that gets pulled behind a boat with names like Slingshot or G-Force and leave it for the young and flexible.

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