Look Up, He Said

Momservation: This human experience is about choices. Seems like a no-brainer to choose love over hate, compassion over intolerance, peace over violence, humanity over indifference, and goodness over evil.

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On this Good Friday it seemed appropriate that I should take my fuzzy angel for a walk in God’s House:

It was the least I could do to thank Him and her for her companionship during my human experience. There is no better proof, to me, that God graces us with reminders of Heaven than the unconditional love of a beloved pet and the breathtaking beauty of nature.

Walking the wild flower and butterfly laden trails along the American River Parkway, spring exploding around us in a spectacular metaphor of rebirth, I listened to the hymns of my church:

The wind singing through the oaks, ash, and cottonwoods; their fresh, vibrant green leaves quivering in the joy of their revival.

The swallows, wrens, and starlings whistling a chorus of amens with red-tailed hawks crying out their hallelujahs.

The comforting gurgling of the American River swollen with a life-sustaining bounty of seasonal rains joins the choir in homage to the spring resurrection.

And here’s what it sang:

Look up and see the beauty flowering around you

not the weeds tangling your feet

Look up and hear the birds singing the day’s praise

not the naysayers predicting your defeat

Look up and feel the wind pushing at your back

don’t let the quicksand of fear hold you still

Look up and breathe in the sun’s vibrant rays

don’t stand in the shadows and catch rejection’s chill

Look up and taste the joy of living

don’t wrap yourself in a blanket of despair

Look up and grasp the low hanging fruit

Take a bite and enjoy the journey that gets you there

Look up child not down

for possibilities don’t lie at your feet

Look up and around

to truly discover what makes you complete

Look up and have faith

Trust in the graces God will bring

Don’t let the weight of the unknown smother you

Even Fall believes in the promise of Spring

                                                                        KMW  4/17

Happy Easter

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