Letting it Ride to the End of School

Momservation: Racing toward the last day of school every mom is thinking of throwing the race.

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Am I there yet?

Coming down the home stretch toward the end of school, I’m ready to break one of my own mantras:

Never quit in sight of the finish line.

There are only 9 more days of school, but I am so done. I don’t want to sign anymore reading logs, make sure PE clothes are washed, hear myself say again, “Do you have your homework? Your lunch? Did you brush your teeth?”

It’s been a long school year. I just want to stop. Would that be so bad?

I feel like we got close enough, we can ease off the frenetic pace and can start jogging now – heck even walk. Teachers aren’t grading anything that’s being turned in anymore. Open House has already happened so who’s there to impress anymore? I can spring the twenty bucks for hot lunch until the end of the year.

And really, I don’t think I’ll feel bad about it at all to get this far to just quit.

So for the next 9 days I’m gonna go ahead and let my kids grab the baton and take it from here. Forgotten lunches and deodorant, unwashed PE clothes and all. Here’s the list of things I’m just gonna let ride:

  • Not setting a back-up alarm to go roust everyone from bed a half-dozen times before yelling, “If you don’t get up now I’m burning your toast and putting baking soda on your tooth brushes! ”
  • Not playing sous chef trying to hustle them along in making their breakfast and lunch. Saltines and ketchup packets if you ask for my help.
  • Not scrounging up hot lunch money because they dragged their feet getting ready and don’t have time to make their lunches. Go ahead and get that scarlet letter T tardy stamp.
  • Not washing any PE clothes. Don’t forget deodorant and try not to sweat.
  • Not reminding them to brush teeth or put on deodorant – let their friends tell them they stink and then maybe they’ll start remembering on their own.
  • No bringing homework or forgotten lunches to school. Copy and mooch from a friend.
  • Not signing a thing, not helping with homework. Teachers aren’t really checking anything at this point anyway.
  • No more rides. Kids are riding their bikes to and from school. Get ‘em conditioned for this summer cause the car is staying parked.

Now that I look at this – these are all the things my 11 & 12 year olds should be capable of handling themselves anyway! Well, except for the forging signature thing.

This isn’t quitting! This is the end of enabling! This is the final exam on self-sufficiency and responsibility!

Heck, we’re letting this baby ride all the way through when junior high starts back up next year!

Who am I kidding? I’ll be back to nagging them, sous cheffing them, and giving them a ride just to hurry up and get them out of the house and back to peace and quiet after a very long summer.

Can I quit before I start?

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