Let There Be Peace

Sendith thou children back to the halls of knowledge and peace shall reign down upon thee. Mommy 51:50


My kids have been fighting like two cats in a bag. They are officially sick of each other.


The problem is they’ve been around each other way too much. The house of brotherly/sisterly love is on vacation. Gone are the days of a hearbreaking work of staggering preciousness when my children had a 7-hour school day to miss each other and were eager to play nice with each other.


And I am, in turn, about to lose my mind if I hear one more wail of injustice, one more screech of pain inflicted (physical, emotional or retaliatory), or one more shout of “Hey! That’s not fair!”


My children’s animosity toward each other has escalated to such a degree that the first words out of their mouths to each other when they wake up is a below the belt shot. The intensity of conflicts seems disproportionate to the petty reason for fighting in the first place. Many times, they don’t even know what they’re arguing about anymore.


In fact, it reminds me a lot of the War in the Middle East – which I believe I have a solution for peace.


Just send everyone back to school.


Until then, just put on a Full House DVD.


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