It’s Not All About You Day

Momservation: The best way to feel good about yourself is to do something for someone else.

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Okay, so we’re in the second week of summer, full swing into Mom living like a 12 year-old letting summer have its way with us.

We’ve gone to Raging Waters for our first Fun Wednesday and gotten our season pass for the price of a regular admission (promotion available all summer!). We’ve got bowling cued up for tomorrow.

We’ve got our first Pinterest Project Day lined up for Thursday: Angry Bird Pizzas!

And we’ve started an impromptu Go Some Place for Lunch We Don’t Usually Go Day. Last week we picked Leatherby’s Family Creamery and started with ice cream before lunch! I haven’t had a banana split in decades! Rating it as a 12 year-old: Epic.

But all this indulging of ourselves has left me feeling guilty. Guilty that we have the luxury to dive into the deep end of summer when some people don’t even have a plastic kiddie pool. Whether it’s the luxury of time, money, transportation, resources, freedom from responsibility, or even love and friendships—it’s important to remember to share the wealth and not always be so focused on our own needs and desires.

So we’re adding another theme day to our summer of fun: It’s Not All About You Day! Each week the kids and I are going to do something for someone else. Last week we donated (instead of selling on Craig’s List) a room full of girls’ furnishings to the American Cancer Society Discovery Thrift Shop in memory of Pa who died from Leukemia.

The kids have brainstormed ideas ranging from doing a summer camp in the backyard for little kids like their friend who does Camp Jenna every year to collecting retired sports equipment for underprivileged youths like Asha and Bela’s Cleats for Feats. (To donate cleats and shin guards for this fall’s soccer season benefiting kids of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Sacramento contact Asha Armstrong at

Bela and Asha Armstrong collecting soccer gear for Cleats for Feats

Bela and Asha Armstrong collecting soccer gear for Cleats for Feats

Here’s the list we came up with to enhance our summer with good works and not just indulgence:

It’s Not All About You Day

  1. Turn in cans and bottles (collected or saved) and use money to buy games and activities at the dollar store for kids in hospitals.
  2. Offer to weed, prune, mow, or plant for an elderly neighbor.
  3. Take vegetables from garden and fruit from trees around to the neighbors.
  4. Offer to exercise a neighbor’s dog.
  5. Do trash pick-up at the park, river, or other public places.
  6. Sponsor a foster child or family to go to Raging Waters, River Cats game, bowling, skating, or Sky High.
  7. Make or bring cake/cupcakes and/or donate extra party supplies to Project Birthday for children in need.
  8. Donate supplies and/or care time to local animal shelters.
  9. Donate Slip n Slides to Children’s Receiving Home or Boys and Girls Club.
  10. Cook and deliver a meal to a needy family.

Please share any of your ideas for teaching kids to give back to others!

Next week: Work before play with Chore of the Day!

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