I’m Kinda a Big Deal


Momservation: Sometimes you have to toot your own horn to strike up the band.

☺        ☺        ☺

Did you hear I won?! Did ya? Did ya?

If you missed it, I put a big, giant banner across my Momservations® home page:

2014 Runner-up for Best Online, Blog, and Multimedia Columns

from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists

I’ve been trying to tell you guys: I’m kinda a big deal!

Hey, if you don’t want to take my word for it, then how about the judge’s? Veteran journalist Mae Israel, who worked for nearly 20 years at The Washington Post, serving in various roles as an assistant metropolitan editor:

“Kelli Wheeler’s writing voice has a spiritual quality, one that deftly captures the essence of the drama in her stories and stirs empathy. She writes with heartfelt emotion about the accidental death of a neighborhood child and how that tragedy revived memories of the electrocution death years ago of her six-year-old sister when Wheeler was a teenager. Among her “Momservations,” she shares a set of insightful rules for how her young teenage daughter needs to learn how to be a responsible and mature smartphone owner: “If I am talking to you, your phone is away. Let it buzz, ping, vibrate, SportsCenter update and ring-tone Radioactive to your pocket, because no matter what I have to say it is always more important.”


I realize your summers are busy and so is mine. That’s why I’m going to make it easy for all of us this week to keep reading Momservations®. Below you will find a selection of my most popular blogs* including the two referred to above: “From the Ashes of Tragedy: Perspective” and “If I Find Out You Did It You Quit It”.


Feel free to Like them. Feel free to Share them. Feel free to tell the person next to you in the grocery line, bank line, shave ice line, or bathroom line that they really should be reading the AWARD WINNING COLUMN, MOMSERVATIONS® because writer KELLI WHEELER…she’s kinda a big deal.

Excuse me now while I go scrub some toilets, change the laundry, and pick up some dog doo…

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*Social media Likes and Shares reset to zero when new Momservations website was launched.


    • kellimwheeler says:

      Thanks Janine! Still being relevant as an award winning writer can’t hurt, right? Maybe I should just go straight to audiobook — heard that’s the latest craze!

      Always appreciate your support my friend!

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