Idaho, You Had Me At Hello

Momservation: If my kid doesn’t want to go to the college of my choice, can I go instead?

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Idaho and I are fast becoming friends.

Our first meet and greet was in February with a couples ski trip to Sun Valley. A hot tub full of friends drinking beers and sharing laughs in the shadow of Baldy’s backside; Breaking bread at the famous Roundhouse after a day on the slopes, The majestic view of the Sawtooth Mountains as far as the eye could see before swooshing down perfectly groomed runs…I’d say Idaho made a great first impression.

She was good enough for me, but last week I had to go back to see if she was a good match for my kid. Because it wasn’t enough for me to fall in love with her, the question was: Could my son be happy with her?

Yep, it’s match-making time—college visitations. It was time to see if an arranged marriage between Logan and Boise and its vaunted blue turf of Boise State would be an attractive coupling.

When you’re looking out for the best interests of your kid, helping them pick a college where you think they could be happy becomes a big deal. Because think about it: if your child lands a job, meets a significant other, or flat out loves their new location—they ain’t never moving back home again.

So you better like where they’re going to college too, because you just may be moving there one day to help babysit the grandkids.

Oh, and Boise is just so delightful!

She’s a little big town where Friday Night Lights shuts the city down, but still boasts a high-rise downtown with vibrant and varied offerings to keep you coming back.

The tree-lined Boise River runs right through town and along the Boise State campus providing beauty and adventure all along her parkway.

An outdoor lover’s paradise, the city’s high desert climate provides warm summers and not too long winters for great recreation any time of year.

Skiing only a half an hour away!

Cheap, hour and twenty minute direct flights from Sacramento!

Great college campus with the fun of Boise State’s Division I athletics and affordable out-of-state tuition thanks to being a WUE school (Western Undergraduate Exchange).

First Sun Valley, then Boise—Idaho’s pulling out all the stops trying to prove to me she is good enough for my kid. Not only is she trying to woo me with her WUE tuition to a great college, there’s still Coeur D’Alene that this outdoor girl has always wanted to visit.

I sure hope my son likes her, because I think she’s a fantastic match for my adventure loving kid.

I wonder if it’s too soon to start baking the Italian wedding cookies…

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