I Won Mother of the Year!!!

I can’t believe I did it (despite using the "S" word with my son and making my daughter stay at school when she was sick)!

CNNBC: "Kelli Wheeler Announced as 2009 Mother of the Year."

Watch it here:


First I’d like to thank Becky for nominating me; my husband, Trey, for putting up with me; my son, Logan, and daughter, Whitney, for still loving me despite my obvious flaws; my mom, Jan, and my dad, Ron, for making me who I am today; my brother, Ron, for keeping me humble by never failing to point out my flaws; my sister-in-law, Sooper Zann, who is just cool; my friends and family for believing in me; Jen who will ALWAYS tell me when I have spinach in my teeth; Creatress who will always read my blog AND comment; Amanda who still wants to be friends with me even after meeting me; Hillary, my fellow teacher and loyal fan; SacMomsClub for giving me a forum to feel like somebody cares, and anyone who reads my blog (and/or comments) making me feel like I’m not just entertaining myself – THANK YOU. I hope I didn’t forget anyone… 

TGIF or Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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